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Control 4 and Your Smartphone

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

With the popularity of smart phone technology continuing to increase, it seems that almost everyone has a smartphone or smart-tablet. Control4 has been endlessly working on how to make a household experience and control effortless. Even since the dawning age of the early 2000s, Control4 has never missed an opportunity to offer ease into your lifestyle through your personal, everyday used devices.

At the touch of your smart watch, phone or tablet, you have the ability to control your whole home, no matter where your location! Rushed out of the house and unsure if you turned off all the light? No problem! Coming home from a long day, and want the temperature set just right?  At work and want to receive text alerts for when the kids get home from school? Even monitor your whole CCTV on the screen of your phone if you suspect suspicious activity in the neighborhood! The control is endless to make your life easier.

It doesn't even end there! As Control4 continues to embrace new trends and incorporate them into their evolving infrastructure, it is exciting to think of what else they will have for us as the year progresses. By supporting smart phone devices, they are successfully maintaining their relevance in the industry and demonstrating how attuned they are to the ever-changing technological desires of their customers. It’s that type of approach that makes the Control4 product line a favorite for home integration systems.

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Devin Stiles
Devin Stiles
Aug 09, 2023

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