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Hospitality Theater


Hospitality control systems offer state-of-the-art technology once reserved for only the penthouses. EDG delivers five-star comfort, convenience and control for new and existing hotels and commercial buildings of all sizes. This technology creates truly scalable systems from 1 to 10,000 properties, giving property operations the ability to manage, configure and update hotels remotely. Look at some benefits of control systems below.
  • Affordable – EDG brings you the benefits of a practical, reliable automation system at a price that fits within your budget.

  • Easy to Install – EDG delivers both wired and wireless solutions for installation in new construction or retrofits of properties.

  • Easy to Use – EDG makes life easy for you and your guests by offering intuitive solutions that your guests can easily use.

  • Energy Efficient – EDG offers an unobtrusive way to conserve money and resources by not running HVAC systems in unoccupied rooms.

Smart Hotel


Control systems provide a tool that allows your business to automatically conserve energy, which will immediately impact your bottom line. Imagine the money you can save when, upon guest check-out, the room automatically goes to unoccupied status: turning down or off the heating/cooling system, television, lights and any appliances. Standards-based systems maximize construction cost savings by eliminating nearly all low-voltage wiring and reducing the conduit, labor, and material for control and lighting systems. Control systems are environmentally focused, delivering LEED Certification in most cases. These services provide the property with remote property management, control, and service from any internet connection.
Hospitality Control System Gym

Redefining the Guest Experience

Your guests will be able to use a single remote to control draperies, lighting, room temperature, room status, television, music, and video systems. With the same remote, your guests can schedule wake-up calls and make requests for services such as valet, housekeeping, room service, spa and more. This will give your guests the unprecedented ability to create an environment perfectly suited for their stay. By storing profiles of each of your guests, the system can automatically set the room for the preferences of the person checking in, ensuring that they immediately enjoy personalized comfort and convenience.

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