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EDG’s home automation and subsystem integration systems comprise the latest residential and commercial technologies available on the market today. Along with custom home theater installations, we integrate whole house streaming audio and video feeds, lighting controls, temperature and shade controls, and security monitoring devices. Even when you’re away from the house, you can easily check on everything from room temperature, to water in the basement, to security issues. All you need is internet access to log into your secure home site. EDG system integration experts make life easy by centralizing your home automation systems, giving you complete control over everything via one portal and one input device. From a single wired or wireless touchscreen, you can adjust the temperature in any zone of the house, play your favorite music, watch a movie, monitor a security camera, or turn lights on and off.

Entertainment Home Automation and Integration

A stunning home theater screen lowers from the ceiling. A lighting control system dims the lights, and the volume controls adjust themselves to your preset preferences. From your touchpad, you select a DVD that is stored on a central server and decide if you want your home video distribution system to port the movie to any other rooms beside your primary home movie theater.

If you prefer to listen to music, you access the distributed audio system, select the room or rooms you want to activate, and choose one or more CDs from your central server.

Cinematic experience is as easy as touching a “Movie” button on a touch panel. Suddenly, the entire system turns on in proper sequence, and curtains automatically open to reveal a high definition home theater screen.



A well-designed residential lighting control system and home automation system can prevent you from experiencing the impact of rising energy costs. Lighting controls can be programmed so that you can coordinate your fixtures with the weather outside. Additionally, landscape lights can be synched with the astronomical time clock and interior lights automatically light up when you are home or away.


These smart lighting options also allow you to automatically turn lights on and off when you enter or leave a room, and the automatic shade controls eliminate your need to remember to close the blinds to protect sunlight streaming in, causing hot pockets in the house and fading expensive fabrics, artwork, and collectibles.

Program Your Shades to Meet Your Needs

Again, with rising energy costs in mind, multiple zone HVAC levels can be simply and easily monitored by a touch panel at home and via a PC when away. Simply select preset temperatures or raise and lower specific zones as desired. The home can also be kept at a more energy efficient temperature when no one’s there and programmed to automatically adjust to more comfortable levels by the time people get home. You can also monitor the temperature in specific rooms of the house, such as a baby’s room, a wine cellar, or a greenhouse atrium.

Security Home Automation and Integration

Integrate a system where you actually see and speak with a guest at your door from any room in the house. This is accomplished by a discreet front door camera and microphone that sense a visitor and send an image and audio link to a portable touch panel or picture-in-picture window on any TV or home theater screen. Home security systems can also integrate internet cameras to your whole house network that can be accessed by any TV or PC. Check on the baby, keep an eye on what’s cooking on the stove, or see who’s swimming in the pool both from at home or from anywhere in the world via your secure home site.

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