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Automated Shades in Luxury Kitchen


In this age of rising energy costs, a well-designed residential or commercial lighting control system can save you on utility bills. Lighting controls can be programmed so that the outside lights turn on and off at sunset and sunrise, landscape lights are synced with the astronomical time clock, and interior lights automatically light up when you are home or away. You can also add these same great energy-saving features to automatic shade controls. This eliminates the need to remember to close the blinds to protect sunlight streaming in, causing hot pockets in the house and fading expensive fabrics, artwork, and collectibles. EDG can program the shades so they come up and down when you choose them to.

Suited to Your Needs

You can program the shades with a “morning” setting to rise when you wake up, as well as a “night” setting to go down when you are going to sleep – in addition to every setting in between. We provide a convenient, one-touch control without sacrificing style.

Even more importantly, your shade controls can be fine-tuned to deliver superior performance across the changing seasons. Maximize the available daylight and sunlight in your home in the winter, and gain much-needed shade and coolness in the summer. By using your shades creatively, you can protect your interior from glare, take full advantage of natural light, and even lower your energy costs.

Finally, automated shades can improve the elegance and ambiance of your home. Fabric options are designed to be elegant and stylish, while many of the control options are discreet. You may even be able to control your shades using your mobile phone or tablet for added elegance and ease of use. Today’s window shades can deliver visual impact in any room. That’s because you’re no longer restricted to just white and off-white colors. Crestron recently announced the Color Match service, which can deliver motorized roller shades in just about any color. All you need to do is provide a Pantone color code or a physical color sample, and the company will make a match.

World Trade Center Presentation Room


Program Your Shades to Meet Your Needs

The best part about our automated shades for commercial use is the ability to adjust presets and other functions to help lower your utility bills. Program the shades to act when the sun rises and set the interior lights by using the wireless switches. You can control lights, shades and temperature in your property from anywhere in the world with the help of EDG. Our products will be integrated into your network so that everything is connected to make your life easier.

Consider the following advantages of an automated shade system for your business:

  • Ambiance: Ensure that your patrons don’t have the setting sun in their eyes during the dinner rush. Filter the natural light in your spa to create a cool, relaxing feel. Impress clients with the view from your office windows, but protect their privacy with innovative shades.

  • Morale: Harsh fluorescent lighting has very few fans. By maximizing natural light – especially during the winter months – you can help your employees stay energized and excited through long days. In the summer, adjust the shades so that your office is a cool, quiet haven from the sweltering heat outdoors.

  • Cost: Using shades proactively can help you to save on your heating and cooling costs. By having them automatically programmed, you can reap the benefits of these savings while your employees focus on the job at hand.

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