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Outdoor TV and Entertainment


Even hardcore gadget geeks can hate clutter. While some see technology as a trophy that should be displayed with pride, others may not appreciate how those components work with certain themes, colors, or moods.


Whether you want sound in the bedroom, bathroom, conference room, or a dedicated home theater, keeping audio components hidden results in a slick, clean appearance. Some covert solutions also open up the possibility of putting audio into out-of-reach spaces, such as hallways, stairways, foyers, and outdoor areas.

In custom home theaters or auditoriums, speakers can be hidden behind an acoustically transparent screen. This keeps speakers out of sight, while delivering uncompromised audio at the ear level of the audience. A more popular solution is to install In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers. These immerse the audience in sound from almost anywhere in the room.

Sonance Visual Performance Series speakers offer a new twist on the typical in-wall. Instead of the traditional wide flanges and prominent grilles, this speaker series uses grilles that have a mere 0.2 inches of trim. They attach magnetically to the speaker and can be painted to blend into any surface or space. The result is an approach to home and commercial audio that goes beyond the ordinary, providing unsurpassed audio performance while striking the perfect visual note.

Outdoor Hidden Speaker in Planter



Although some people want to make the TV or projection screen the focal point of a room, many are opting for hidden alternatives to keep the focus off that big screen when it’s not in use.

A motorized lift will pull the TV into ceiling storage or a soffit for safe keeping. Then when the TV is needed, it will lower at the touch of a button. That set can also be disguised using a piece of fabric or a frame. It can even be turned into a working piece of art by displaying a rotating collection of digital photos on the screen.

Vanishing TV Mirrors hide a TV into a mirrored surface, making the tech appear as needed. Séura’s Enhanced Series TV is downright magical, providing access to news, media, and entertainment in areas where you least expect it. Then at the touch of a button, it vanishes into the mirror and the surroundings.

Once you step into the shower, the Hydra Waterproof Television offers a similar high-tech experience. When not in use, it blends into that background scenery, thanks to over 800 color choices made to match marble, glass tile, or a surrounding wall color. Hydra colors can even be matched using Pantone colors and paint chips.

Larger spaces don’t always mean more hiding places. However, a projector can be housed in a soffit that’s built into the ceiling or put on a lift so the equipment is raised and lowered, as needed. And despite the large size, screens are one of the easiest pieces to hide, thanks to motorized options that pull that big screen into a storage area in the ceiling.


All hidden technology components can be used in both a residential and commercial setting. Making hidden technology a part of your business makes your work more efficient and sets you apart from all other businesses. With hidden technology in a commercial setting, EDG can help you greet your customer with the perfect lighting, music and temperature. As well as hidden speakers to set ambiance in a waiting room.

Conference rooms can be equipped with hidden projector screens and projectors to make the space more functional for all types of meetings. Adding lighting control can have the lights dim for a presentation and lower the projector screen simultaneously to get rid of the headache of prepping for meetings. With EDG, we can have everything work in sync with one touch of a button. 

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