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Electronics Design Group (EDG) offers automated solutions, designs, and installations to residential homes and commercial spaces in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Some of our most popular services include: Home Automation,  Home Theater,  Smart Lighting,  Motorized Shades,  Home Surveillance Systems (CCTV),  Hidden Technology,  Amenity Space Technology Solutions,  Video Conferencing,  Outdoor Audio/Video  and more.

Please Note:  We are NOT a wholesale company, therefore we do not sell individual products without design and installation. 

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EDG's Award & Achievements

  • 72 National Awards for Technical Excellence and Creativity

  • Custom Retailer "50 Most Vital Influencers" in Consumer Electronics

  • Dealer Scope's List of "40 Under 40"

  • CEDIA "Dealer of the Year"

  • CEA "Dealer of the Year"

  • CE PRO Magazine's "TOP 100 Integrators"

  • Custom Retailers "21 BIG GUNS"

  • Lutron Electronics Hall of Fame

  • Past President and Board Member of HTSA

About EDG

Founded in 1987 by Bob Gullo and Ed Condiracci, two lifelong friends that had just graduated from college. Gullo had been working in a high end audio shop in northern New Jersey for a year.  He saw the increasing demand for in-home installation services that his current employer did not provide, and decided to start a company focused on that need.  Condiracci had just left a position as Office Manager for a rental car company and quickly signed on.

EDG approached the dawning of the home entertainment/smart-home systems era with a unique vision that would set the company apart from the customary retailer turned Home Theater/AV Store, by steering the company on a decisively non-retail, professional design and engineering path. EDG aimed at working with the client’s architects, designers, and builders at the earliest possible stages of a project whenever possible. Ultimately the successful deployment of an EDG installation is a direct reflection of the trust and understanding developed with our clients, and the other professionals involved in the project. 

While audio/video systems had been the primary focus of the business, 1990 was pivotal in the direction of the company. Gullo and Condiracci saw the need to develop greater expertise about the integration of other electronic technologies into the home, such as lighting control systems, temperature controls, advanced structured wiring, video cameras, pool/ spa controls, telephones and “brains'' that could monitor and control all these systems, e.g., the integrated, automated smart house concept. EDG’s foresight proved correct and in 1997, Gullo spearheaded the technology design of the world’s most advanced smart home at a cost of over 1.5MM. Condiracci headed up the engineering team, and the project was a resounding success.  According to Gullo, “That project was make or break, for us, we were paving the road, doing things nobody was attempting to do at that time. We not only nailed it, after that project, we had the process, procedure, and knowledge to replicate what we learned and scale it down or up as required.”

Experience, Expertise and Innovation

What do The Internet, Smartphones, Laptops, GPS, TV Remotes, and the Microwave Oven have in common? Technology. Whether you love Technology, or simply accept the fact it’s a part of our daily lives and culture, Electronics Design Group bridges the gap between technology and aesthetics, show-casing beautiful estate homes, modern apartments and corporate boardrooms use of technology, woven into the environment, some so stealth the transforma-tion itself is magic. The devices we use every day have changed. No longer is television programming confined to the living room today. For example, 85 percent of all Americans now watch video online, ranging from short amateur clips to television programming or movies. From YouTube® to Netflix®, content is being delivered instantaneously and mobile devices continue to explode from smartphones to the latest tablets which allow us to have our content when we want and where we want. The challenge to keep up is endless, getting devices to work with each other is daunting and finding a reputable Technology Consultant is just as hard.


We have met the needs and challenges of our clients by listening carefully, designing creative solutions that blend harmoniously in the environment. From Disco Ceilings that magically appear or TV’s disguised as mirrors, or a Media Room with 18 video images. Together we’ll dream it and engineer the solution to make it happen. Many of the projects you’ll see in this book are among the 72 national awards with which we have been honored for tech-nical excellence, innovation, and business acumen. Our software solutions extend beyond the boundaries of your home or office, thanks to powerful mobile digital devices such as the iPhone® and iPad® and Android devices.


While I’ve made a career in Technology and admire how useful and powerful it can be, I also understand If you’re like most consumers you may quickly get frustrated when you experience the dark side of technology; You press a button, and what you expect to happen doesn’t. Now what? Our PRIORITAS™ managed service and remote support team can often solve these issues remotely, thanks to the internet and software. EDG continues its quest to deliver innovative and creative solutions, built on the latest platforms and technologies that leverage cloud content, web browsers and powerful mobile digital devices. After 33 years, our firm continues to be excited and energized by the possibilities of what we can create for you. To quote the great visionary CEO Steve Jobs, “Inno-vation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Being innovative is in our DNA, it’s who we are, it’s what we’ve always done, we never follow, always lead.   

Business Channels

We operate in three specific channels: Fee-Based Consulting and Engineering, Project Sales and Implementation, and service, maintenance and system upgrades to business and residential clients.

Quality Assurance

Electronics Design Group has won 72 national industry awards for technical excellence and innovation. Electronics Design Group technicians are on call 360/12/7 (360 Days, 12 Hours a day 7 Days a Week from 9am-9pm EST). Our projects are frequently published. Our business license number is 13VH12705100.

Electronics Design Group mourns the loss of our founder Bob Gullo. After a hard fought battle with cancer, Bob moved on to a better place on February 1, 2023. We are grateful for all he taught us and the vision he provided for EDG, and our industry in our early years.


Before his death, Bob handed the reins of EDG off to his longtime friend and business partner, Ed Condiracci. Ed was a part of EDG's founding team, and served as the company's Vice President for its first 22 years.  He has since been involved in many EDG projects as a consultant. Ed will be leading EDG's small, but experienced team forward, with an eye toward growth, for the foreseeable future.

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