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When it comes to office remodels, adding a Huddle Space has skyrocketed to the top of everyone’s wishlist. That’s because it can lead to a much more enjoyable, more productive workday.
The Huddle Space is area that encourages collaboration and impromptu meetings. It features a more open layout, so employees aren’t confined—in space or ideas. It also includes more high-tech options than the typical office.
EDG can design and install the type of technology that will enhance a meeting, boost a presentation, or make communication and collaboration much easier.

Video Conferencing:

Not everyone can be in the office at a given time. These days, there are a lot of road warriors to wrangle. Whether you’re communicating with people around the office, the country, or the world, reliable cameras, microphones, and other communications equipment is key. No one wants to be fumbling with bad connections, dropped calls, or volume issues.

Flat Panels:

This room encourages the huddle—we just don’t want it to be around a tiny laptop. Flat-panel displays can bring life and meaning to meetings, presentations, and collaborative work pieces. It can also be tied into mobile devices around the room, so every user can put their work up for all to see clearly. 

Touch Displays:

Forget having to leaf through pages of notes. Using touch displays can make it easy to pull up charts, statistics, or other necessary information in an instant. A touch display can also be tied into audio and video sources, video conferencing equipment, and even the overhead lights.

Zoom Conference Network Spaces
Huddle Space Conference


Want to make sure that huddle space doesn’t become a nap space? Consider installing a few security cameras. This option doesn’t just allow you to peek in on employees and monitor meetings, but can add another option for two-way communication. 

Networking Solutions:

All of the above solutions need a solid infrastructure. Consider a mix of wireless and hardwired networking equipment. After all, it’s impossible to share ideas if you spend half the meeting trying to connect to the web or a community flat panel. Good connections will keep the creative juices flowing, making a reliable, strong network an absolute must.

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