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Whole House Audio Speaker


You can have whole-house audio and play music or talk radio throughout your home and control it from one location.In the past, music was enjoyed in one room of the house. Now, technology has brought it into every room and outside, bringing in your favorite tunes or radio stations and having it all without seeing any equipment but a remote control. A professionally designed EDG multi-room audio system integrates simple functionality and entertainment with aesthetic sensibility–all within a specified budget.

Determining the most appropriate speakers for a home requires a balance of performance, décor, and cost. These days, impressive sound can be produced from a variety of speaker types: a single-cabinet stereo speaker, or speaker pairs that rest on bookshelves, on the floor, or mount flush into walls or ceilings. EDG designers will design a system using suitable speakers for a given space to ensure the proper coverage at a cost-effective price. Many professionally designed systems incorporate a combination of speaker types for each project, depending on the room.

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In wall speaker



Today’s music fans have more music choices than ever before. At EDG, we accommodate all our clients’ favorite music sources from iTunes, internet radio, and satellite music to CDs, FM radio and even LPs. We provide our customers easy access to their favorite music wherever they are in or outside of the house — along with the flexibility for family members to choose their own music for a given room or zone. We group rooms or areas into logical zones that make a music system simpler and more convenient to use. That way jazz lovers can listen to Miles Davis in one room while pop music fans listen to Beyoncé in another.
Beyonce and Mimosa Whole House Audio

Volume can be controlled separately for each space. Most important, EDG designers create systems that are easy to control with a keypad, a touch panel or even by iPhone or iPad. Intuitive operation allows you to select the music you want to hear without having to know where it resides.

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