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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to monitor and survey a specific location. The video feed can be viewed on the big screen in your theater, any TV, monitor or touch panel in your home, and even from your iPhone or iPad remotely over the Internet. CCTV can be used to monitor multiple critical, vulnerable and sensitive areas at a time, which can reduce the number of security guards needed to monitor a location.
A major benefit of CCTV is that it is always on, without interruption, and helps to deter crimes because even the mere sight of cameras will keep criminals away. The answer speed for crisis management is greatly improved because multiple areas are being monitored at the same time and from one central location. Activity at the location is stored and archived for future use. This information can be used to identify suspects and provide evidence.

CCTV Best Practices

  • Place cameras near entrances and exits of buildings and properties
  • Install surveillance for parking lots and garages
  • Mount cameras in at-risk areas such as poorly lit walking paths and locations where people might find themselves alone and defenseless
  • Position cameras with high visibility in areas where money is exchanged
  • Monitor common areas such as stairways, lobbies, halls, libraries, locker areas, dining areas, gyms, sports concourses, theaters, labs, swimming pools, stadiums, etc.
For additional CCTV images, please see our 
CCTV Gallery


A home automated system from Electronics Design Group can help you to have complete control over all the systems in your home. Along with home theater installations, we will integrate whole-house streaming audio and video feeds so that you can monitor the security of your property at all times. Additionally, the surveillance systems can connect to your lighting controls, temperature and shade controls, and security monitoring devices. Wherever you are, you can check on room temperature, water in the basement, security issues, and much more, all from a remote device.
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