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Séura TV Mirrors Enhance your Morning Routines

Updated: May 11, 2021

Seura TV Mirror in Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be relatively small compared to other rooms in a house. While it would be nice to throw a big flat screen TV up on the wall by your jacuzzi, that huge black panel is less than ideal from a design standpoint. You want technology to work with your decor, not detract from it.

Woman Using Seura TV Mirror

A company called Séura offers a variety of subtle vanishing TV mirrors. The idea is simple: build a TV into your mirror so that you avoid having to deal with incorporating a mirror and a TV into your bathroom’s layout.

When the television is turned on, the image the lights up and displays on the glass just as any ordinary TV would. However, when turned off, the picture fades and the glass functions as a regular mirror. If a person approached the mirror to look at themselves, they would never guess that they were staring straight at a television screen.

Don’t worry about the image quality being compromised because of the mirrored display. When powered on, the television still produces a crisp high-definition image. It will certainly provide an ideal viewing experience and could certainly impress a few friends along the way.