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Crestron Can Tie Shades into Any Room

Updated: May 7, 2021

Motorized shades are a very interesting piece of technology—yes, technology. Often overlooked, they don’t just add convenience to a tedious everyday task; they can also be an extension of your style.

Today’s window shades can deliver visual impact in any room. That’s because you’re no longer restricted to just white and off-white colors. Crestron recently announced the Color Match service, which can deliver motorized roller shades in just about any color. All you need to do is provide a Pantone color code or a physical color sample, and the company will make a match.

It’s nice to have another element to compliment your style, but motorized shades are so much more than a piece of scenery. Here are three reasons you’ll want to install motorized shades:

They’re convenient. If you have a lot of windows or a busy schedule, motorized shades make the everyday task of opening and closing drapes as easy as touching one button. EDG can even put them on a schedule, so you’ll never have to lift a finger. 

They provide security. Of course, you want to keep neighbors from peeping, but motorized window shades can actually make your space look occupied—even when it’s not. Remote controls allow you to open and close shades from hundreds of miles away. Also, some of those scheduling options can open and close shades randomly, so it always appears like someone is inside.

They provide energy savings. The sun’s warming heat may be welcome in the winter, but during those summer months, it can be downright painful. Putting shades on a schedule can block out the sun at specific times of day. Also, ask EDG about installing sensors that can signal motorized window shades to close when the sun is at its brightest. Not only will this keep energy costs down, but it can also protect pricey furniture and artwork from sun damage.

Besides Color Match, Crestron shading also features brushless DC motors, adjustability on brackets, and a limited lifetime warranty. To find out more about shading and what it can do for your space, contact EDG at (732) 650-9800.

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