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Control4 & Pakedge Solve Power Problems Remotely

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

If you’re having power problems, that would seem like a pretty good reason to go reaching for the phone. However, not everything should require a service call—at least, not if you have anything from Control4 installed.

The company just added the Pakedge PowerPak family of power control devices to its lineup. This will allow both Control4 and Pakedge dealers to manage, troubleshoot, and fix problems remotely, so clients won’t have to worry about costly onsite service visits.

Even better, PowerPak PDUs feature power control and management with surge protection for connected home equipment on a daily basis. And really, you don’t know how important that is until something gets zapped. If that does happen (and it happens more than you think), the cost of the dealer visit will pale in comparison to replacing all of that smart-home equipment.

Designed for home automation, audio, video, and networking components, PowerPak PDUs have UL1449 surge protection built in, so you won’t have to worry about random power spikes. Other perks include thresholds for current and voltage draw, as well as self-healing for non-responsive devices. There’s even a SafeStart boot sequencing, so modems, routers, and switches will power back on in the right order, which ensures the best performance possible after a reboot.

The PowerPak family of power control devices includes options for up to nine outlets. The PowerPak 9 and PowerPak 8i are selling now, with an MSRP of $600 each. PowerPak PDUs are part of Control4’s power distribution lineup, which includes solutions that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 20 outlets.

Looking for a power boost? Contact EDG at (732) 650-9800 for additional information on Control4, PowerPak PDUs, and other power solutions for your space.

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