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5 Ways to Tie Smart Lighting Into Your Home

The act of flipping a switch on and off is pretty boring. However, smart lighting can be downright addictive.

It’s not just because you can flip those lights from the comfort of your couch, the office, or a beach 3,000 miles away. It’s because smart lighting can be the gateway to so many other convenient and downright cool electronic devices.

Need a few suggestions on why this is a must-have system? Here are five super-cool things that can be tied into a smart lighting system.


If you’re worried about who goes there, consider brightening up your security system with a little smart lighting. Having lighting tied into door locks means you (or intruders) will never have to enter a dark driveway, room, foyer, or other area. Also consider tying in cameras with motion sensors, which can trigger both lighting and recording, so you’ll never miss a minute of who’s coming and going.

Motorized shades

No one wants to run around opening and closing shades every day. Adding smart control to this task just makes sense. Adding it to a lighting system is downright genius, allowing users to spark up lights and close shades with one button. Both can even be tied into a schedule, so that the tasks are automatically completed based on room conditions or certain times of day.

Motion sensors

Sensors are an easy way to add integration throughout the house. For instance, you can add motion sensors that will trigger lights in the hallway or put them outside so lights will turn on when a car pulls into the driveway. This will ensure that you never have to enter a dark room or home, but will also alert you to potential intruders. If you’re worried about the cat triggering lights that will be on all day, consider adding an occupancy sensor.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are an absolute must. However, you can smarten them up by tying them into your lighting system. Then when disaster strikes, you won’t just be flustering in a dark area with loud sirens. The detector can trigger lighting to flash in case of an emergency or light up a pathway to exits.

Home theater

In the home theater, the focus is always on the big screen. However, you can create the ultimate movie experience by tying lighting into that main attraction. With one click, you can dim sconces, illuminate pathways, and even bring up colored lights to set the mood or theme. That lighting can also be tied into the theater room’s shading, AV receiver, and even the thermostat. Then when the movie is over, one button can bring up the house lights and direct guests to a bar at the back or exit doors.

Looking for a few more bright ideas? Fill out our form below to learn more about what you can do with smart lighting in and outside of the home.

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