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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Every home theater starts with a seed and then grows from there. The idea for this Long Island project started with homeowner’s wish for “big sound and big picture.” The owner said he wanted to “shake in his seat,” when watching a movie in his personal screening room, and EDG designers didn’t take that lightly. They went straight to Klipsch Pro Cinema for big boxy horn-based speakers -- the kind that can knock your shoes and socks off  -- but that meant knocking out a wall, too, to make room for them. Packing 15-inch woofers, the three KPT-325 speakers were so deep the builder had to move the front wall back a foot to accommodate the depth of the cabinets. With space tolerances down to the quarter inch, all measurements had to be perfect to ensure the proper fit.

It was an easy tradeoff  for the owner, who got some extra boxes for bass.  To give the theater the extra shake he wanted, EDG designed in a pair of Klipsch Pro Cinema subwoofers with massive 18-inch drivers to deliver the ultimate punch. When the owner sat through the final audition of the system-- a Metallica concert video -- the “the entire neighborhood shook,” say EDG installers.

WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN- drawing_Page_12.jpg

3D Rendering: Screen Wall Elevation

Red Home Theater

Project Photograph: Screen Wall Elevation

Technology Budget:

$ 110,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List

 Equipment Rack

(1) Control4 C4-HC300-E-B Home Controller

(1) Integra DHC-40.1 THX Ultra2 Plus, 2-zone, 7.2 channel network pre amplifier processor

(5) Crown XLS402 300w x 2 or 450w x 1 amp.

(2) Crown XLS202 200w x 2 or 300w x 1 amp.

(1) Furman Elite-20 Pfi 20Amp Home Theater Power Conditioner Power Factor

(1) Furman Elite-15i 15A Home Theater Power Conditioner

(1) Apple Airport Extreme 802.11 Base Station 2/3 port Gigabit Ethernet

(1) Dell Power Connect 2808 PowerConnect

8-Port Gb Ethernet Web-Managed Switch

(1) Control4 C4-2URMK-B 2U Rack Mount Kit, HC-300

(1) Integra IRK-155-3B Rack Mount for DTR-

20.2, DTR-30.2, DTR 40.14, DHC-40.1

(1) Middle Stalantic ERS-SYS ERK Equipment Rack System


(1) LG BD570 Blu Ray Disc-P, Netfl ix, YouTube, BD Live, Advanced Audio, Quick Booting, 1GB memory, Wireless 802.11n

(1) Apple Apple-TV 160 160GB Apple TV

(1) Cable Box HD Cable Box w/DVR

(1) Tiverton Video Game Wallplate 1 HDMI, 1RJ-45, 7RCA inputs for component video, composite video, digital coaxial audio, L/R Audio, 1 Toslink Audio, 2 Gang 


(5) Audioquest Alpha Snake-2M Audio Interconnects RCA to RCA

(3) Audioquest Forest HDMI- 2M HDMI HDMI to HDMI

(2) Audioquest Forest HDMI - 1M HDMI HDMI to HDMI

(1) Key Digital KD-CATHD HDMI over dual cat5 balun

(1000) Wire 14/2 Speaker 14 gauge 2 conductor speaker wire

(750 )Wire Cat 6 Category 6 - 4 pair 24 gauge ethernet wire (1000 Mbps)

(300) Wire RG6 Quad Quad shield coaxial cable - 18g solid copper center

(50)Wire RGBHV 6 6 Conductor Mini RG45 Cable 


(1) Epson PowerLite Pro Z8000W

(1) Furman MIW-POWERKIT-PRO In-wall

(1) Draper 252184 Calrion 148”” CINE AT1 Veltex 58”” x 136”” Woven Screen

(1) Draper 251501 Eclipse/H 148”” 2.35:1 to 119”” 1.78:1 Masking System 


(3) Klipsch Pro Cinema KPT-325 Cinema Speaker with 15 Woofer & Tractrix Horn

(4) Klipsch Pro Cinema KL-6502-THX 2-way In-wall architectural speaker

(2) Klipsch Pro Cinema KPT-418-SW Cinema Speaker Subwoofer w/18”” Woofer 


(1) Control4 C4-CK3BKP-xx Button color kit 3 button keypad

(3) Control4 AC-3C-x/AC-6C-xx Custom 3/6 button Engraved keycap

(7) Control4 C4-DIM1-Z-xx Wireless Dimmer 1000W, 120 VAC

Theater Seating

(8) VIP Cinema Seating The Front Row – LAF 24”” Wide Seat w/Arm 41”” Tall Black

(2) VIP Cinema Seating The Front Row – Arm Arm w/Cup Holder

(4) VIP Cinema Seating Motorized Recline Motorized Relining Mechanism 


(1) Cinemacoustic Solutions Custom Theater Package: 9 Custom Acoustic Panels, 3 Custom Acoustic Door Panels, 1 Custom Acoustic Panel on Screen Wall, 2 Ceiling Sections, 1 Custom HD Motorized Track & 1 Custom Center Split Drapery Panel

Feeding the five hungry main speakers are a quintet of 300-watt amplifiers built by Crown for the demanding professional market.  A pair of 200-watt  Crown amps powers the rear speakers of the 7.2-channel system. The side and rear Klipsch Pro Cinema in-wall speakers were built into the walls and covered with acoustically transparent fabric to let sound pass freely into the room. The rest of the space was covered with custom acoustic panels to keep all the coveted sound inside the room. The doors are even padded with acoustic panels to keep the rest of the house, and the neighborhood, safe.

Big sound demands an oversized picture to match, and this owner wanted the largest screen the room could handle.  

The solution was a super-widescreen Draper 148-inch screen capable of displaying an anamorphic movie without compromising the full-screen image.  Video sources for the theater include an LG Blu-ray player for discs, but the player includes Netflix, YouTube and other video apps as well.  With the Blu-ray player and the Apple TV - which gives the owners access to their iTunes library of music, movies and photos -- the family is well-covered by a palate of streaming Internet media content.

WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN- drawing_Page_06.jpg

A Control4 system handles the lighting and A/V control for the room. A three-butt on keypad handles all functions through pre-programmed scenes along with a remote control.  One lighting scene prepares the room for viewing with a slow fade to black to give viewers time to sett le into their seats.  At the end of the show, lights ramp up slowly at 30 percent brightness to allow audience members to adjust to the light.  

The theater wakes up to a Watch Movie butt on that puts all the amplifiers, the Epson projector and source electronics into proper playback mode and cranks the volume to Loud. Aft er the credits roll, a reverse dance takes place with all electronics powering off  in the proper sequence.

The AV and Control4 gear is stored in an equipment rack in a small utility closet to the left of the screen.  Beefy amplifiers get very hot, but the HVAC system keeps equipment from overheating and shutting down.

Big sound, big picture and a basic control system -- all built to a reasonable budget and easy to control.  Just keeping the customer satisfied. 

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