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The clients’ main objective was to have the ability to control all lighting and shading in their home, but to also have clean walls that were free of dimmers and switches. With roughly 17,000 square feet of space in the entire home, this was a large task which ended with an exceptionally breathtaking result. The clients requested motorized shades on the architectural style windows in the great room, as well as UV protection for their many rare and antique wood furnishings and fabrics they collect.

Full window luxury smart condo

Technology Budget:

$ 360,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List


(1) Crestron PRO2 Dual Bus Control System with e-net card

(2) Crestron CNHBLOCK Network Distribution Block

(2) Crestron ST-COM Dual Serial Bus Controller

(1) Tripp-Lite Smart SU3000RTXL3U Rack Mount UPS System

(5) Crestron ISYS TPS-2000 Active Matrix 5” In-Color In-Wall Touchpanel

(4) Crestron WPR-48 16-Button Weatherproof RF Wireless Remote

(4) Crestron CNRFGWA 1-Way RF Receiver

(3) Middle Atlantic AX-S Rack System


(59) Lutron QED shades

(1) Lutron Homeworks H4P5-H48-120 Wired 4 Series Generation 5 Processor

(1) Lutron Homeworks H8P5-D48-120 Wired 8 Series Generation 5 Processor

(8) Lutron Homeworks HW-RPM-4E-120 Remote Power Module - ELV Dimming

(1) Lutron Homeworks HW-RPM-4R Remote Power Module - Relay Switching

(31) Lutron Homeworks HW-RPM-4U-120 Remote Power Module - Dimming

(5) Lutron Homeworks HWI-MI-120 Module Interface

(16) Lutron Homeworks NGRX-PB-WH Power Booster Interface

(1) Lutron Homeworks HP-4 Power Booster Interface

(1) Lutron Homeworks HWI-Q96 Sivoia QED Interface

(7) Lutron Homeworks HWV-1000D Architectural Wired Vareo-Style Dimmers

(20) Lutron Homeworks HWV-1000NS Architectural Style Neutral Wire Switch

(1) Lutron Homeworks HWI-2B 2-Button Keypad

(10) Lutron Homeworks ST-4S Wired See-Touch 4 Scene Base Unit Keypad

(42) Lutron Homeworks ST-6BRLed See-Touch 6 Button Base Unit Keypad

(6) Lutron Homeworks ST-7B Wired See-Touch 7 Button Base Unit Keypad

(34) Lutron Homeworks Faceplates


(1) Crestron CNX-PAD8A 8-Source, 8-Zone Audio Distribution Processor

(7) Sonance Sonamp 260MKRMF Rack Mount Power Amplifiers

(1) Sonance Sonamp 2120T RMF Rack Mount Power Amplifier

(1) Knox RS8x8HBVO Composite Video Switcher

(1) Rotel RT-1080 RS232 AM/FM Tuner

(1) Sony CDPC-70ES 5 Disc CD Changer

(14) Sonance Symphony 624 TR In-Ceiling Architectural Speakers

(6) Elan VS Volume Control

(2) Hughes GAEBOA Director RF Satellite Receiver

(2) Marantz PMD-790 Color LCD Controller with RX77 RF Adapter

(2) Crestron CNXIR8 IR Serial Cable

(2) Xantech IR Repeater & Receiver system

(2) Rotel RSX-1055 Dolby Digital DTS Surround Receiver

(2) Hughes HIRD-E86 Plat. HDTV Satellite Receiver

(2) Hughes HDVR2 TIVO Satellite Receiver

(5) Triad In-Ceiling Gold/6 Omni LCR Rear Ch. Spkr

(1) Triad In-Wall Bronze/10 Powered Subwoofer

(2) Sonance Symphony Extreme XTR In-Ceiling All- Weather Archtectural Speaker

(2) Sonance Symphony 623SSTR Single Point Stereo In-Celing Architectural Speakers

(8) Sonance Mariner 300 All-Weather Loudspeakers & Mounting Brackets

(6) Canton Karat M10 2-Way Compact Loudspeakers

(2) Canton ERGO 302 DC Left & Right Channel Loudspeakers

(1) Canton ERGO CM502DC Center Ch. Loudspkr

(4) Canton In-Wall ERGO 180 In-Side & Rear EX Channel Speakers

(1) Canton AS2 350-Watt Powered Subwoofer


(2) Rotel RDV-1060 DVD Player

(1) Zenith P60W38H 60” HD Plasma TV

(2) Zenith P50W38H 50” HD Plasma TV

(1) Electro-Kinetics SWL-002 Swing Down Lift

(2) JVC HRS-5900U Super VHS HiFi VCR

One of the challenges we faced was the size of the space. The living room is over 1,600 square feet of open floor plan, which posed a challenge when it came time to control all the shades with only a few options for keypad locations. There were limited options for control, so we created “user-friendly” intuitive shading “scenes” for all keypad locations. The shading scenes were also programmed to manipulate the shades that cover the doorways so that owners can conveniently access the outdoor areas. We also included an infrared remote to easily control all shades in this large space from the different floors and the high-traffic locations in the home, such as the kitchen, dining area and office.

In addition to the home’s living room with its striking windows and spectacular view of the New York City skyline, the home is also fully equipped with audio/video equipment installed in various media rooms throughout the home and a multi-room audio system. The large living room creates an unusual footprint within the home; from this main room stem many other smaller rooms, including the home’s bedrooms, office, and kitchen. 

Full dinner table with floor ceiling windows
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