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Hidden installation was the primary goal for this project, and with its successful achievement, this award-winning home features system integration residing within simple elegance. A beautiful Media Decor painting hangs over the fireplace where one-touch motorization affords the homeowner the luxury of pressing a button to cause the painting to retract thus revealing the plasma television for use. Use of the video screen is as simple as the press of a button as well, and when not in use, both television and video screen are completely hidden from sight. The video projector is also hidden in the millwork and revealed only when the homeowner desires.


Special Features

*Flat panel hidden behind motorized artwork

*Hidden projector and screen

*Stealth outdoor ‘rock’ speakers

*Integrated audio and video from multiple sources.

Equipment List


Nec 42” Flat panel

Digital Projection I-Vision Projector

Pioneer DVD Player with Super Audio CD Playback

Hughes HDTV/Tivo Satellite Receiver

Microsoft X-Box Game Console

Extron “conveince jack” for Laptop/Internet/Video Camera

Stewart Motorized Screen 45x80 16:9 Aspect Ratio

92” Diagonal Firehawk Material


Crestron ST-1700 6” Touchscreen


Rotel 7.1 Sound Processor

ADA 6 Channel Amplifier,

Sonance Elliplise Speakers (LCR)

Sonance Cinema .5 Speakers (surround)

Canton Plus F Speaker for Surround Back Channel

(2) B&W Subwoofers

Lighting and Shades:

Lutron Home Works

Lutron Sivioa Motorized Drapery System

With the “WOW” factor successfully achieved in the family room of this home, classic elegance exudes throughout the home rounding out in total perfection. The completely hidden installation is visible in each room only at the times of the homeowner’s choice. This dream home offers system integration combined with seamless convenience and a pinch of panache.

Media Room hidden TV frame
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