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Training In Style

A wrestling room for the All-Stars. Borrowed from the residential media room experience to design a dual display system that would enable one wrestler to receive a one-on-one match review on a 22-inch LG monitor in the back of the room while the team watches an instructional video on the 125-inch motorized screen. Having the monitor in a corner allows the coaches to offer individual instruction – including videos of matches from the Internet -- without interfering with the overall practice, Bob Gullo says. 

An iPod station is wired into the space where kids can plug in their phones for playback through six Klipsch Pro Audio Loudspeakers mounted in the corners and sides of the large space with two subwoofers, powered by a commercial grade Crown Amplifier. The sound system is the “biggest and most used part of the room,” he explains. There’s more AV equipment than meets the eye in the Pearl River training room, something that’s a trademark of every EDG installation. Top-notch gear including a hard drive to store music and videos, a DVD player, amplifier and Control4 gear are hidden in a small closet off the front of the room. EDG installers drilled through concrete walls to make a conduit for wires to the iPod dock, monitor, touchscreen and speakers. 

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