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The High Life

Forty-thousand-square-feet of amenities come with residency at the Aldyn, a premier luxury high-rise condominium building on Riverside Drive in Manhattan. The Aldyn’s residents are pampered with a menu of fitness club options that surpass the offerings of the most exclusive sports clubs in the city.  There’s the 75-foot indoor, pool, a two-lane bowling alley, regulation-size basketball court, squash cube, a two-story rock climbing wall and golf simulator with a full-blown workout space. Individual rooms for games, sauna, kinesis training and yoga complete the recreational/wellness package.  A fireside lounge, breakfast and kids’ playroom offer additional retreats for residents where they can relax and watch TV or movies.

Bowling in luxury manhattan apartment

Technology Budget:

$ 110,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List

(15) Creston ABAR-1 Balanced Audio receiver

(13) Creston BB-6L Pre-construction Back Box fpr TPS-6L

(8) Creston BB-iDOCV-DSW Backbox for iPOD Docking station

(3) Creston C2IR-8 8 Port Infrared/Serial Output Card for Y-Bus Expansion Slot

(1) Creston C2N-SPWS300 External Cresnet Power Supply, 300wa

(4) Creston CEN-IDOC Interface for Apple iPod. Includes CED-IDOC-DS dock

(8) Creston CEN-IDOCV-DSW In Wall Docking station for ipod

(6) Creston CNX-B2B 2-Bu on Wall-Mounted Keyboard w/Black Faceplate

(1) Creston PRO2 Professional Dual Base Control System. 1 Z-Bus slot and 3 Y-Bus

(13) Creston TPS-6L-B Isys 6” Color Wall Mount Touchpanel with 10 backlit buttons

(4) Creston TPS-6L-FP-BKLT B-T Backlit Engraveable Faceplate w/ Buttons

(9) Creston TPS-6L-FP-BKLT-B-T ENG VED Backlit Engraveable Faceplate

(2) Creston Xpanel Crestron control via PC interface loaded to PC or Laptop.

(12) Crestron B2-BTNB Engraving for Designer Series2-button on keypads

(17) CS Client Supplied Cable receivers for Music

(6) Furman AC-215 Flat Panel AC Power Conditioner, 15 Amp

(2) Furman IT-Reference 20i 12 Outlet Discrete Symmetrical AC Power Filter, 20 Amp

(2) Intelix AVO-A2 Single Dual Mono or Stereo Audio Balun

(5) Intelix AVO-V3PT-PAC-F Component video and IR twisted pair extenders- PAIR

(2) Middle Atlantic ERK-SYS ERK Equipment Rack System, Consisting of: ERK Rack, Caster Basr, Custom Racks Shelves, Blanks, Ventilation Panels, and Wire Mgmt

(2) Radio Design Labs STM-DA3 Microphone Distribution Ampli er 1x3

(2) Radio Design Labs ST-MX2 Microphone/Line Level Audio Mixer

(1) Samsung LN46B550K1FXZA 46” High De nition TV (Piano Black cabinet)

(4) Samsung LN55B650T1FXZA 55” High Defnition 1080p TV

(1) Sanus MD115-G1 15” Full Motion Desk Mount for 30” Monitors Grapht Fin

(1) Sanus VMDD26b-01 26” Full Motion Mount for 42-63” TV’s

(1) Sanus VMPL250b Low Pro le Mount for 30 - 50” TV’s - Black Finish

(3) Sanus VMPL3b Tilting and Low Pro le Mount for 27 - 84” TV’s - Black Finish

(107) SpeakerCra SC Pro Commercial 6 Backcan speaker w/ 6.5 Woofer and 1” dome tweeter. 5-140 Watts, Tranformer taps- 70V: 64W, 32W, 16W, 8W

(2) Tiverton STC2-TELW2P-CX1 Pheonix Connector and 1 RJ11 Jack

(1) Tiverton Tel1P8-VGAB-MINIS/RCA6GSRJ45/ VGA/ 1/8” MiniPlug + Component/ Composite/L+R Audio Two Gang Jack

(3) TOA D-901 12’’ x 8out Matrix Mdlr Dig Mxr

(12) TOA D-922E Audio Mic/Line Inout Modl.

(3) TOA D971-E Audio Line Output Module

(3) TOA D-981 Remote Control Module

(1) TOA D-A250DH Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier 2x250W(70V)

(4) TOA D-A250FH Multi-Channel Digital Amplifier 4x250W(70V)

(1) TOA D-A500FHL Multi-Chanel Digital Amplifier 4x500W(70V)

(3) TOA F-1300BT Music/Paging Speaker, Two Way w/5” Woofer, 30W, 70V, Indoor

(3) TOA F-2000BT Music/Paging Speaker, Two Way w/5” Woofer, 30W, 70V, Indoor

(2) TOA PM-660U Desktop Paging Microphne w/ Push to Talk bar

(1) Toshiba 19HLV87 19” LCD TV/DVD Combo

(100000) Wire 18/2 Pair Plenum 18 Gauge 2 Pair- Eash Pair Twisted and Shielded and 16/2 Conductor - Plenum

(3500) Wire CAT 5e Plenum Category 5 Enhanced - 4 Pair 24 Gauge Ethernet Wire (100Mbps) - Plenum

(2750) Wire EDG Cresnet Plenum Custom Control Cable - 22/1 Pair, Ywisted and Shielded amd 16/2 Conductor - Plenum

(750) Wire RG59 Video Plenum Coaxial Cable - 18 Gauge Solid Copper Center and 95% Copper Braid -Plenum

(750) Wire RGBHV 5 Plenum 5 Conductor Mini RG59 Cable - Plenum

(5) Xantech 48085BKITRP Black LCD/CFL Proof Dinky Link Kit

The zoned music system is flexible enough to send the same music to the entire space or stream specific playlists or cable music channels to individual zones at personal workout stations. Soothing new age music calms weary muscles in the sauna aft er a rigorous workout and hip hop music thumps across the basketball court during after-work games.  Workout areas and cardio machines have plug-in locations for personalized listening through iPhones and MP3 players.

Indoor pool and golf

The sound system supporting such a pampered environment had to be the quintessential no-brainer.  In a standard residence, Electronic Design Group designs home A/V systems that are dummied down for everyone in the family -- plus the babysitter.  But in a 40-story hi-rise, the system has to be even more basic for regular members, guests, occasional users and staff  -- from technophiles to technophobes.  EDG achieved equal opportunity operation through a Crestron control system.  Users control the volume and music -- whether it’s a genre from cable music or a playlist from a connected iPad -- via virtual butt ons on wall-mounted Crestron touchpanel located in each zone. The system can also be controlled by the Aldyn’s front desk attendant.  If he has to make a page, he can mute the system to make an announcement everyone can hear.

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