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The Great Indoors

For this client, EDG created a perfect mash-up of hardwood and high-tech. 


The home is outfitted with all sorts of natural elements, including exposed wood, stone, and a warm color scheme. The rustic setting allows friends and family to appreciate the great outdoors, all from the comfort of the couch. However, it’s the added electronic amenities that make this place a true sanctuary.  


Control4 serves as the backbone to the home’s electronics system. This solution combines lighting, audio, video, security, and HVAC under one controller—or nine of them, technically. EDG made sure there were touchpads available all over the house, so the owners never need to forage for temperature tweaks, music selections, and more. 

TV In Cabinet
TV In Cabinet Closed

Smart lighting is a major part of this setup, with connected fixtures located both inside and outdoors. This ensures that the owners never have to enter a dark house and can turn off every light with one button by the bedside. It’s also used to put a spotlight on some of the more social areas of the home, including a spectacular home theater.

That dedicated theater space has a ceiling-mounted projector, which broadcasts to a Cineplex-quality screen at the front of the room. On-wall speakers keep the floor clutter-free and complement the setup, but never take away from the beauty of the natural wood or the outdoorsy colors. It’s a relaxing setting—one that the homeowner often shares with guests. The room has theater seating to comfortably accommodate up to 11 people. 


EDG put all of the equipment at the back of the room, which keeps it out of the way and provides easy access if upgrades or maintenance is needed. The rack includes a DIRECTV HD DVR, a Blu-ray player, and components that can stream several audio and video services, all of which are accessible through the 7-inch Control4 touchpad.


To help strengthen that streaming experience, EDG beefed up the networking setup throughout the home using Pakedge access points inside and out, so control, audio, video, and other systems would never leave the homeowner and guests waiting or without service.


Although nature is definitely a focal point when it comes to decor, EDG has created a stunning space that’s even greater than the great outdoors. Other perks include Yale smart locks for easy and remote access to doors around the house, security via IC Realtime indoor and outdoor cameras, wireless Sonos audio, and 14 different Aprilaire Model 8800 smart thermostats to customize comfort. The system even extends to the pool and spa areas, where the owners can tap into the Zodiac iAqualink on the Control4 touchpad or iOS devices to make the temperature and lighting perfect for an afternoon or evening swim. 

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