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Taking Back The Playroom

When you have kids, there are so many toys, crafts, and crayons involved. If you have the room, a dedicated play-space is a must. Now, what to do when they’ve outgrown that area? These empty-nesters turned it into a playroom for adults. 


After all, this lower-level rec room has always been a bit of haven. The adults enjoyed it because it kept the kids’ activities private and even had a separate entrance for running outside to play on the fly. The kids loved it because it was space dedicated to Xbox and PlayStation matches, watching TV, hanging out with friends, and even a little skee-ball. 


Now this gorgeous retrofit has fresh paint, furniture, and other fixtures. It also has the acoustical treatments and A/V equipment that make it the perfect spot for movies, music, and entertaining guests. It even allows for a little fresh air, with stunning views of rolling hills. 


EDG was called in to create a space that valued function over form, but the clients still wanted something that looked good. That was achieved with a color scheme that would attract kids of all ages. However, all of the high-tech toys are definitely geared towards an older crowd. That lineup includes a 70-inch Sony XBR-70X850B 4K Ultra HD TV with a Leon Speakers Media Edge Frame wrapped around it, which is also part of the room’s 5.1.2 sound system. 


That’s not a typo. That 5.1.2 system is designed to deliver Dolby Atmos, an audio format that promises the most immersive listening experience possible. That’s because instead of just belting sound out from the front or rear of the room, Dolby Atmos encodes the sound so it will move through one speaker to the next, as well as project from above. To make that magic, EDG installed Leon’s Media Edge Frame with an integrated UTLX soundbar, which blends right into the TV setup. There are also four Leon in-ceiling speakers sprinkled around the room and two Definitive Technology Mythos ST SuperTower speakers off to the side. To complete the setup, the speakers are paired with two Leon Aaros A10-UT subwoofers and Integra’s 7.2-channel DTR-40.6 receiver.


Of course, movie night wouldn’t be the same without that 70-inch 4K TV. EDG selected this set because it offers a little extra entertainment through web-based smart TV features and four times the resolution of a 1080p HD TV. They even took great care when it came to picking a place for it. The set needed to be in a spot where it would be comfortable for people to watch, but wouldn’t block the views of the outside.


That TV also needed to be placed in a way where EDG could squeeze a listening space into the room. Yes, this area isn’t just for enjoying blockbuster movies. To the side is a spot that’s specifically devoted to two-channel music. Two comfortable chairs create the perfect sweet spot, which is surrounded by sounds coming from a Cayin Audio A-100T tube-integrated amplifier and CD-50T CD player, the Hafler PH-50 preamp, and a Sony HAP-Z1ES high-resolution digital music player. Of course, the crowning jewel is the Clearaudio Concept turntable, which perfectly cranks out the couple’s growing vinyl collection.  


Everything in the room is tied into the Control4 HC-800 Controller, so the couple can operate the TV and all of the music equipment from one device. It also provides access to a variety of video sources and five zones of lighting control. This controller makes it easy to enjoy this room, which now offers more purpose, more function, and more fun than ever before.

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