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Silver Screen Sophistication

The client’s primary goal was to have a dedicated home theater that could accommodate a large number of guests plus a bar area in the back of the theater for entertaining and food placement, all with unobstructed sight lines to a very large screen. The client also wanted a unique ceiling, and he did not want a projector to be hung in the center of it. Three other A/V companies told him these objectives could not be met, but EDG took the challenge, and the end result is an award-winning custom home theater.

In addition to movie viewing, the theater is used for viewing sporting events and for video gaming with the client’s many video game systems. The equipment racks are discretely hidden behind the bar in a space that is 4 ft. deep by the width of the theater. Also strategically placed is a smaller equipment rack which contains an HD/Blu-Ray DVD Player, XBox 360 and PlayStation3 gaming systems for quick and easy use. The speakers are also hidden from view behind acoustical panels.

Home Theater with bar

Technology Budget:

$ 135,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List

(1) Runco 3-chip Video Projector 1280x720 w/ Vivix DHD Vivix II Processor

(1) Runco VX-2c Hanging Kit

(1) Viewport Optical Opening

(1) Active Thermal Management Hot Air Collector System 1

(1) Stewart Filmscreen 150” Diagonal Electrimask Jumbo ScreenWall w/ Studio Tek 130 fabric

(1) Rotel RSP-1098 Surround Sound Processor

(3) Rotel RB-1090 Stereo Power Amplifier

(1) Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray Disc Player

(1) Hughes HR10-250 DirecTV HD DVR

(1) Microsoft XBox 360 Game System

(1) Sony PlayStation 3 Game System

(3) Triad In-Room Platinum LCR speakers

(1) Triad In-Room Platinum Center Channel speaker

(6) Triad In-Wall Gold Side & Rear EX Channel speakers

(2) Triad In-Room Platinum Power Subwoofer

(1) Crestron MT-1000C Mini Touch Wireless Color Touchpanel

(1) Crestron MT-1000C-DS Docking Station

(1) Crestron CNRFGWA-418 Wireless Gateway

(1) Crestron CP2E Dual Bus Control System

(6) Crestron CNXIRP Infrared Probe

(1) CNPWS-75 External 75-watt Power Supply

(2) Lutron GRX-MR-6T 6-zone, 16 scenes low voltage Graphic Eye

(2) Lutron GRX-AV RS 232 Interface Controller

(2) Lutron ST-6BRL-NI 6-button Keypad

(2) Lutron SK-6BRL-NI Engraved Button Set

(1) Richard Gray Powerhouse RGPC

(1) Triverton Custom Game/PC Jack

(2) Middle Atlantic ERK40 Rack System

(1) Middle Atlantic Rack Rail System for DVD Player

(2) Middle Atlantic (includes rack, casterbase, rackshelves, ventilation, wire management, surge suppression, etc.) AXS-SYS

(1) Crestron Touchpanel TPMC8X

(1) Crestron Room Controller CNXRM

(17) Lutron Seetouch Base Unit ST-NB

(17) Lutron Initial Engraved Set SKD-6BRLWH-E

(17) Lutron Final Engraved Set SKD-6BRLWH-E

(19) Lutron Claro Wallplate CW-1-WH

(1) Lutron Processor H8P5-120

(1) Lutron Low Voltage Enclosure HWILV32-120

(2) Lutron Resi Dimming Cabinet HWBP-8D-20-120L3

(2) Lutron Module Interface HWI-MI-120

(8) Lutron 4Zone Dimming Module w/ AutoDetect Load Sensing HW-RPM-4A-120

(2) Lutron 4Zone Dimming Module HW-RPM-4U-120

(2) Lutron 2000Watt Power Booster NGRXPB-WH-CGP654

(17) Lutron Keypad Connectors KP-Conn

(1) Lutron Color Decora Wired 500WElectronic Transformer HWD-5NE

(1) Lutron Decora Wired 1000W Dimmer HWD-10D-WH

(2) Lutron Dimming Panel Override Switch

(1) Lutron Sivoia Shade Interface Q96

(2) Ditek Serial Port Surge Suppressor DTKDB9

(1) Ditek 120 Volt Critical Load Surge Protector DTK120S20A

(3000) CSC Lutron 600V Low Voltage Tray Cable

(7) Crestron Thermostat CHV-TSTATW

(7) Crestron Temperature Sensor CHV-RTS

(3) Crestron Software loaded to PCs xPanel

(1) Viking Loop/Ring Detector LBD-2

(1) D-Link PoE 16 Port 10/100 Switch

(1) APC SmartUPS Power Supply

To accomodate the client’s request for unobstructed sight lines, EDG worked with various other trades to properly engineer the sight lines to the exact specifications of the room. Although this was a challenge, award-winning results were successfully achieved and the client’s request that the center row of seats align with the entry of the theater was also granted. Professional engineering expertise aided in this process, and all requirements were met.

Another concern of the client’s was that the projector would create noise within the theater if it was installed inside the room. To accomodate this request, the projector was installed outside of the room to decrease noise while the room was in use, and also to decrease heat production within the room.  The entire room was treated with sound isolation applied to the studs, walls, ceiling, and platforms. In addition, the doorway was acoustically sealed for optimal sound control. The screen side and rear walls were treated with acoustic deflection, absorption, and diffuser panels while the coffered ceiling was designed to break standing waves of sound. The room has a 7.1 surround sound system with dual subwoofers.   

The room is on a separate heating and cooling zone; the equipment room has its own air conditioning unit that keeps the room at a constant 78 degrees, and the projector has an in-line fan for ultimate ventilation and temperature control. The HVAC systems, as well as all theater electronics and lighting are controlled by a Crestron Mini Touch wireless touch panel for one-touch control and ease of use.

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