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Pre-War Aesthetics, Post-War Technology

Taking a 100 year old house and transforming it into a modern SmartHome while maintaining its original early-1900s aesthetic is a challenge. With this project, the clients wanted a fully integrated system throughout the house that would not affect the look and feel of their home. After Electronics Design Group (EDG) provided consulting services to the client, it was pre-determined that a Savant control system would support the level of integration that was desired. 

Preserving the original elements of the house proved to be a significant test of EDG’s home integration expertise in the planning/execution of this home’s electronic system design. The clients stated that the lighting control on the first floor was to consist of period-specific light switches that would integrate with a Lutron Homeworks QS system. While Lutron systems typically feature a keypad with buttons that activate specific “scenes” across a home, the clients were willing to sacrifice those features for a simple on/off push button switch to maintain the period-specific look. 


The consultation process for this project fully disclosed the system design. From there, architects were able to follow the blueprints supplied by EDG to transform the home. In order for this to work, EDG needed the client’s full confidence and belief in our expert knowledge, skills, and abilities. Midway through the project, the movie theater needed to be relocated due to mechanical requirements in the basement. Thanks to EDG’s consulting services, the construction management team was able to use the original blueprints to relocate the theater in a new space based on its layout and minimal square footage requirements. Fortunately, the adjustments were minor.


To give a general idea of the system’s complexity, it includes: audio and video distribution, app driven control interfaces through Savant, HVAC, total pool and spa integration, security and surveillance, a golf simulator, extensive interior and exterior lighting, and a home theater. Other noteworthy amenities include an Epson Pro-cinema projector, 125” diagonal screen, Klipsch theater speakers and subwoofer, and a Savant control system.


As a result of the successful team effort, the clients were able to meet their anticipated move-in date. Throughout this process, EDG worked in a collaborative manner with architects and tradesmen to make sure everything came together within the client’s set limitations and budget. The synergistic relationship between EDG and the other tradesmen achieved the overall goal of total customer satisfaction. This is a testament to our ability to work well with trades and educate them on exactly what we do. In the end, it was reflected in both client satisfaction and a home that features both modern technology and an early 1900s aesthetic.

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