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Minimalistic & Simplistic

Strategically hiding audio/video equipment within a home is an integral part of preserving a minimalist’s style. Cables and components can quickly clutter up even a very large space. Planning ahead and devising ways to hide equipment helps to create an unobtrusive, state-of-the-art system.


In this project, EDG worked with the client’s minimalistic expectations to provide a continuous, simple design theme throughout their home. They asked for a home automation system that complimented their clean, modern minimalist home and increase energy-efficiency and privacy. Through their integration system, they wanted control over lighting, shades, multi-room audio/video, HVAC and security. The house had a very open floor plan. The clients explained that they wanted an area to watch TV and movies that included a high-end surround sound system and the equipment couldn’t interfere with their contemporary design.


To accommodate the client’s requests, EDG specified four Stealth Acoustics invisible speakers be hidden in the ceiling. Leon’s Horizon Ultra Thin LCR speaker bar was mounted under the client’s Samsung TV with a Leon 8 inch floor standing subwoofer built in custom cabinetry for a sleek, hidden, high-performing 7.1 surround sound system. 

Minimalist White Bedroom

With this semi-retrofit project, re-wiring the home for a new shading system was not an option. To keep things energy-efficient and modern, the EDG team suggested installing Lutron’s new Sivoia QS Triathlon battery-operated shades. The Sivoia shades do not require any wiring be done; they run on D batteries and can be connected to your control system for automatic shade adjustments throughout the day. The shades also aide in heating/cooling the home throughout the year so the home conserves energy. This shade solution allowed for a relatively simple installation and was perfect for this home because the walls could not be opened for additional wiring. 


Although this type of planning required significant attention to detail and careful selection of equipment, EDG was able to give the client the hidden installation they sought without sacrificing performance. All systems were successfully hidden to meet the client’s strict design expectations of a minimalistic home. The integrated Control4 system allowed for everything to be operated from touch screens, iOS or Android devices. Because of the home’s simplistic design and clean lines, attention to detail was critical; a minor mistake certainly would have been noticed. Fortunately, the project went smoothly for all those involved and resulted in a relaxing, efficient, uncomplicated living space for the clients.

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