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Meeting on a New Level

Thanks to modern technology boardrooms no longer need to be cluttered with flip charts, overhead projectors, and white boards. When the president of a prestigious New York bank approached EDG with his vision for a state of the art boardroom, we gladly accepted the challenge. It was obvious that the retrofit conversion of this fixed appointed space would require precise planning, coordination and execution. Creating a high-tech room was a snap, having the room not scream high-tech was paramount to keeping with the client’s vision.

UBS Conference Room

Technology Budget:

$ 110,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List

(2) Sony VPL-PX31 LCD video projector w/VPL-PX31 lens

(1) Panasonic AG-W3 Multistandard VCR

(4)Middle Atlantic RSH-4S Rack shelf

(1) Sony DVPNS900V Progressive scan DVD player

(1) Stewart SEL100VGHW Trapdoor screenwall with switch

(1) ELMO EV-400 Document Camera

(1)Middle Atlantic BRK-12 Equipment rack

(1) ASPI EF2280 12x12 Audio matrix mixer

(1) ASPI EF2280P 12x12 Integrated mixer

(2) Extron RGB-460xi Computer interface

(2) Extron LBC-VGA Interface cables w/ audio

(1) Sony PFM42B1 Plasma at panel display monitor

(1) Sony SPM-42BF/A Mount for plasma monitor

(12) Beyer Dynamics MPC-65VJ Table microphone

(1) Sony VPL-PX31 LCD video projector w/VPL-PX31 lens

(2) Sony EVI-1000 Vidoe camera

(1) Vicon Ceiling mount bracket

(1) Panasonic AG-W3 Multistandard VCR

(1) Tascam CDA-700 Audio case/CD player combo

(1) Sony DVPNS900V Progessive scan DVD player

(1) AKG GRQ3101 Sabine single  channel Graphi-Q

(1) Crestron PRO2 Dual bus control system

(1) Crestron C2ENET-2 Ethernet card

(1) Crestron TPS-4500 12”” Tilt screen

(2) Crestron TPS-4500IMC Interface module

(1) Crestron TPS-Mem Memory module

(3) Crestron TPSBLOCK-10 Interface

(1) Crestron ST-PC Power control module

(1) Crestron ST-RMK Rack mount kit

(3) Crestron CNXCOM-2 CNX dual 232/442/485 card

With a 5-week window to complete the job, not to mention that the room was still being used to conduct meetings, it was key that the job be managed with precision. EDG’s project manager and team leader took control as head consultants from day one, overseeing the electrician and mill worker. Our internal group of engineers, soft ware developers, and technicians worked together as a team to ensure that CAD drawings were followed, equipment was tested, and soft ware was debugged all before the equipment entered the room.

Three custom built racks containing the room’s audio and media equipment fit snuggly into the existing cabinetry. Custom millwork framing surrounds three 61” plasma TVs strategically placed throughout the room to provide an adequate view for anyone seated. Running along the center of the conference table are six retractable A/V interfaces. The capabilities of these interfaces include the connection of computers, video sources, audio, LAN, analog and digital phone lines. Another key element to the room is the audio conference system achieved through 14 low-profile microphones neatly seated in the table.

The custom programmed Crestron Touchpanel gives total access to all of the equipment in the custom racks. Selecting which laptop appears on the appropriate plasma and what audio source is cued up to be played can be controlled with the touch of a butt on from any seat at the table. What the client saw as a vision 5 weeks earlier quickly turned into a reality. With numerous meetings held since its completion, these impressive technologies have added a new dimension to the boardroom, taking communication to a whole new level.

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