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Kitchen Magic

The main objective of this project was to renovate two city apartments into one home and to create a completely integrated environment. The clients’ primary requests were for a seamless integration blended with aesthetics and interior design. All systems were to be integrated with the building’s intercom, including audio, video, HVAC, shades and a home network.

The system is based on a Crestron control system, which easily manages the home’s subsystems, making operation simple for all members of the family and staff. 

Kitchen Magic Automated Shades

Technology Budget:

$ 150,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List


(1) Integra DTC-9.4 7.1 Pre-Amp Processor

(1) Speakercraft MultiChannel Amplifier BB1265-R

(1) Rotel FM Tuner RT-1085

(1) Sirius Plug-in Tuner Module SC-H1

(1) Integra CD Changer CDC-3.4

(1) Crestron iPod Dock CEN-IDOC

(2) Speakercraft Speaker AIM LCR3

(2) Speakercraft Speaker Bracket BKT84600

(2) B&W Speaker CCM65

(5) Speakercraft Volume Control VSI60

(3) B&W Speaker CCM746S

(2) B&W Speaker CWM650

(1) Sirius Satellite Antenna SR-3652, (1250) Monster Cable Speaker Wire 14/4

(1) Crestron Docking Station TPMC8XDS

(1) Integra Surround Receiver DTR5.8

(1) Pioneer Elite 60 Pro1540

(2) B&W Black FloorStanding Speaker XTC

(1) B&W Black Center Channel XT4

(1) Triad Subwoofer InWall Bronze6

(2) Speakercraft Speakers (for rears) AIM LCR

(2) Speakercraft Speakers (for sides) AIM WIDE


(1) Fujitsu P42XTA51US

(1) Sharp Display LC32GP1U

(1) Sony BluRay Player BDP500


(1) Crestron Control Processor CP2E

(1) Crestron Audio Matrix Switcher CNXPAD8A

(3) Crestron Power Supply CNPWSI-75

(1) AudioAuthority Video Matrix Switcher AVX-661

(2) Crestron Touchpanel TPS2000L

(1) Gefen HDMI Cable CAB-HDMIx-10MM

(3) Gefen HDMI Cable CAB-HDMIx-50MM

(2) Crestron Remote ML600

(2) Crestron Gateway CNRFGWA418 RF

(1) Magnum Dynalab FM Antenna ST-2

(250) Turtle & Hughes Touchpanel bundled cable

(150) Turtle & Hughes Television Bundled Cable

(2) Middle Atlantic (includes rack, casterbase, rackshelves, ventilation, wire management, surge suppression, etc.) AXS-SYS

(1) Crestron Touchpanel TPMC8X

(1) Crestron Room Controller CNXRM

(17) Lutron Seetouch Base Unit ST-NB

(17) Lutron Initial Engraved Set SKD-6BRLWH-E

(17) Lutron Final Engraved Set SKD-6BRLWH-E

(19) Lutron Claro Wallplate CW-1-WH

(1) Lutron Processor H8P5-120

(1) Lutron Low Voltage Enclosure HWILV32-120

(2) Lutron Resi Dimming Cabinet HWBP-8D-20-120L3

(2) Lutron Module Interface HWI-MI-120

(8) Lutron 4Zone Dimming Module w/ AutoDetect Load Sensing HW-RPM-4A-120

(2) Lutron 4Zone Dimming Module HW-RPM-4U-120

(2) Lutron 2000Watt Power Booster NGRX-PBWH-CGP654

(17) Lutron Keypad Connectors KP-Conn

(1) Lutron Color Decora Wired 500W Electronic Transformer HWD-5NE

(1) Lutron Decora Wired 1000W Dimmer HWD-10D-WH

(2) Lutron Dimming Panel Override Switch

(1) Lutron Sivoia Shade Interface Q96

(2) Ditek Serial Port Surge Suppressor DTK-DB9

(1) Ditek 120 Volt Critical Load Surge Protector DTK120S20A

(3000) CSC Lutron 600V Low Voltage Tray Cable

(7) Crestron Thermostat CHV-TSTATW

(7) Crestron Temperature Sensor CHV-RTS

(3) Crestron Software loaded to PCs xPanel

(1) Viking Loop/Ring Detector LBD-2

(1) D-Link PoE 16 Port 10/100 Switch

(1) APC SmartUPS Power Supply

Challenges were presented in the placement of devices, as this is an apartment environment: narrow studs, extremely limited space for racks and low voltage distribution, and very tight tolerances for placement of any device meant finding creative solutions.

The shade control relies on a Lutron Sivoia system which provides whisper quiet operation and effectively manages natural light and heat by the astronomical timeclock feature of the control processor. Crestron thermostats concurrently control the climate of the home. T he apartment has western exposures with large windows, requiring multiple thermostats.  Easy access to the various zones was simplified by the integration of the thermostats with the central control system of the home.  Additionally, remote temperature sensors help to promote the décor by keeping walls clean.

Lighting control of this home is one of its many unique and easy-to-use features. Combined with quality interior design, various lighting scenes with different light levels enhance the décor and create the appropriate ambiance for any mood or situation.

Simple operation of the kitchen plasma display is enabled by a lift operated through the control system.  With the press of one button from the remote or the touchpanel labeled DVD or Cable the TV rises and the correct input is automaticaly selected. Hitting the Off button neatly stores the television for a clean aesthetic.

The clients enjoy creating iTunes playlists, so an iPod dock was an absolute must, and is undoubtedly one of their favorite features. Music from the iPod and other sources is accessible from various touchpanels throughout the home.

The end result of this project is exactly what the clients asked for, and even more. They had initially cut some items from their wish list to stay within targeted design and budget requirements, but ultimately proceeded with full integration of their new home.

With a multi-room audio system, they are able to access their music collections from just about anywhere in the grand apartment, and hear it from everywhere or only one room - whatever suits them. The final installed system offers extensive options and extreme convenience, creating a streamlined lifestyle and a comfortable, engaging atmosphere throughout the entire home.

Kitchen with Motorized shades, Hidden TV
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