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El Toro

This client had a modest-sized finished basement that went largely unused thanks to its outdated décor and uninviting lack of “warmth.” Their wish was to have a high performance home theater that would form the centerpiece of their recreation area, functioning as both a dedicated theater space for movies while also accommodating many guests for sports events.

In designing the theater, EDG needed to stay true to the client’s desire to watch sports on the big screen from anywhere on the lower level. We developed a plan incorporating a wall for the theater boundary constructed from large plate glass windows above knee-high partitions, along with an open entryway. For an enclosed theater experience, motorized shades cover the glass (along with windows on the far far side and back of the space), while heavy automated draperies pull shut across the entryway.


Technology Budget:

$ 110,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List


(1) AMX Axcent 3 Control Processor

(1) AMX PSN2.8 Power Supply

(1) AMX VSS2 Dual Video Sync Sensor

(1) AMX VPT-CP418 Viewpoint Color Wireless Touchpanel

(1) AMX AXR-RF418 RF Receiver

(1) AMX VPT-DS Viewpoint Docking Station A/V SOURCES:

(1) Krell Showcase 7.1 Surround Processor

(1) Krell Showcase 7 Amplifier

(1) Rotel RDV-1060 DVD Player

(1) Hughes HDVR2 High Definition Satellite/ TiVo

(1) Runco Vivix Processor

(2) Extron Architectural Adaptor Plates (Game Jack/ Laptop Interface)


(1) Runco VX1000D Projector

(1) Runco Hanging Kit

(1) Stewart 100” Diagonal 1.78 Firehawk Screen w/ Horizontal Electrimask


(2) B&W Nautilus 802 Matrix Front Left and Right

( 1) B&W Nautilus HTM1 Matrix Center Channel

(4) B&W Nautilus SCM1 Matrix Side and Rear Channels

(1) B&W ASW850 1000 Watt Subwoofer


(1)Middle Atlantic ERK4025 Rack with Silver Rackfaces

(1) Tara Labs Complete High-End Cable Package - Audio, Video,

Digital, and Speaker Cables

(2) Ditek Electrical Surge Protection

(1) Active Thermal Management Coolstack


(1) Vantage Lighting Control System

(3) Lutron Sivoia QED Drape Tracks at Screen and Side Entries

(3) Lutron Sivoia QED Motorized Shades


Kinetics Noise Control: Black 1” Thick Panels behind Screen

Color Matched 1” Thick Panels in Wainscoting and above chair rail

Developing a twelve-inch riser for the theater’s second row maximized seating. As ceiling height restrictions prohibited a third riser, a bar was created behind the second row to expand the seating and promote optimum sightlines for all.

Audio and video performance for the room was expected to be dynamic and revealing, and the system had to be easy to use. A Runco Vx1000D projector with Vivix video processing upon a Stewart Firehawk 100” Horizontal Masking Screen delivers exceptional video clarity. For high-end audio, a Krell processor and amplifiers was mated with B&W Nautilus series speakers for the entire surround-sound array. An AMX Color Viewpoint Wireless Touchpanel provided for intuitive and elegant system operation.

Acoustical treatments to the space enhance the audio performance and add to the appeal of the décor.  Comfortable seating in eight theatre loungers and four barstools allow for relaxed viewing. Family and friends give this room a real work out, which supports an active lifestyle while preserving the performance and functionality of a quality theater system.

Old school home theater
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