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Dangerous Decibels

Envision a subwoofer that was designed for use in a 10,000 square foot commercial theater. Now, imagine taking not one but two of these same subwoofers and incorporating them into a 700 square foot residential theater. Implementing incredible audio in a high performance home theater is what this project was all about. 

From the start of this project, the clients had very specific expectations of Electronics Design Group (EDG). The completed theater was to seat at least 8 people, offer top-of-the-line performance, and resemble a true movie theater’s layout, while remaining completely soundproof beyond the doors of the room. The client also had children so it was important that the theater’s thundering audio not disturb sleep or study schedules. In terms of the room’s design, the clients requested a clean and contemporary look. They asked for a layout that maximized viewing area based on the room’s dimensions for an optimized movie theater experience.

The theater was built with QuietRock drywall to contain sound within the space. A sound absorptive acoustical treatment and tuck fabric system by Acoustic Finishes hides wall panels, speakers and provides impeccable sound energy. AcousticSmart motorized reclining chairs were installed on a soundproofed platform to minimize the vibrations felt through the seats. EDG contacted Kinetics Noise Control for a door sealing kit to make sure that even the room’s smallest openings were soundproofed.


The theater equipment was designed to be managed by a Control4 system connected to an Android tablet. Using the tablet, the clients are able to control the lights, room temperature, video sources, and volume all from the comfort of their seats. EDG installed a Sony 4K projector and media player along with a 138” Elite Screens 4K acoustically transparent screen to guarantee picture quality that would complement the audio performance. Klipsch commercial grade speakers and subwoofers were installed to take care of the audio aspect. EDG worked with Klipsch for custom-designed subwoofers that would fit into the allotted wallspace and fulfill all expected audio parameters without sacrificing performance. All speakers were installed behind a wall of fabric to keep them out of sight while making sure not to hinder their performance.

Supported by 2,850 watts of power, this 700 square foot theater is nothing short of impressive. The final 138 inch 4K picture is breathtaking when paired with the custom designed Klipsch commercial speakers. This combination of seats, booming audio, and ultra high-definition video make it possible for viewers to really “feel” what they see and hear. The cinematic experience of this finished project is so realistic that it’s truly an unforgettable one. Ecstatic with the end result of their dedicated home theater, the clients then asked Electronics Design Group to work on integrating systems throughout their home. 

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