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What's New in Control4

Stay up to date with what's new with Control4. Update your system today!

Chime Video Doorbell

Introducing Chime, the first video doorbell designed for the Control4 smart home. With Chime, homeowners can see and talk to visitors at the front door from the Control4 mobile app or touchscreen while controlling any smart home feature imaginable. Chime delivers everything you’d expect from a video doorbell, plus so much more by leveraging the power of the smart home to deliver convenience, security, and peace of mind.

  • Video doorbell that fully integrates with Control4 Smart Home

  • 5MP camera with natural two-way audio

  • 180-degree field view, night mode and IR LEDs

  • History view with event and video playback

  • PoE & Wi-Fi versions

  • Available in Satin Nickel and Black finishes

The Neeo Remote

You have been asking for a remote that fits the lifestyle and design preferences for your most discerning customers. Say hello to Neeo, the touchscreen remote engineered specifically for the Control4 OS 3 Smart Home. Neeo expertly incorporates an interactive touchscreen and physical buttons to become the ideal interface for personalized smart home experiences—including television, music, lighting, locks, and more.


Control4 Smart Home OS 3 raised the bar on the smart home experience. Neeo now offers your customers those capabilities in a hand-held remote, giving them fast access to the things they use most—their favorite streaming services, most-watched TV stations, playlists, smart home scenes, and more. And with OS 3 built in, the interface is personalized and familiar.

Smart Home OS 3

With new features, a fresh interface, and more than a thousand enhancements, homeowners can now personalize and organize favorite rooms, devices, and scenes, swipe-and-tap for easy navigation, customize wallpapers to their liking, and enjoy an enriched entertainment experience.

Create whole home dashboard:

  • Bring favorite devices from across the home into a single room view.

  • Swipe between favorite rooms 
    Quickly navigate between favorite rooms with a simple swipe.

  • At-a-glance status for more devices 
    See if the garage door is open, or a door is locked, without tapping anything

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