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Space is at a premium in a Manhattan apartment. Homeowners who want to fit technology into a snug three-bedroom, two-bath apartment can do it themselves and run the risk of a cabling eyesore. Or, they can bring in pros like Electronic Design Group who can transform a seemingly unworkable situation into a neat fix. This family chose the latter and has audio and video wherever they wanted with not a wire to be seen. The homeowners’ needs were simple. They wanted music in the bedrooms, the great room and the kitchen, and they wanted a TV for the dining room/family room that would wow guests with a supersized image. A large part of the appeal of a flat-screen TV is the thin form factor that makes a display appear to float on the wall. Once you get into jumbo-size screens like the Panasonic 85-inch plasma TV in the family room of this Manhattan condo, though, the depth required to accommodate such a large TV expands. So EDG decided to move the wall.

City Living Manhattan Smart Apartment

Technology Budget:

$ 65,000

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List

(1) - Control4 C4-HC500-E-B Home Controller HC-500 w/remote
(1) - Control4 AVM-16S1-B Audio Matrix Switch-16
(6) - Straight Wire MCA00175 1.7M MUSICABLE II Analog Interconnects Level I
(4) - Straight Wire MCA0040 4.0M MUSICABLE II Analog Interconnects Level I
(1) - Control4 C4-16AMP3-B Multi Channel Amplifier
(1) - Control4 C4-IPDKTT1-E-B iPod Dock
(1) - Control4 C4-TUN2-E-B Multituner V2
(1) - Control4 C4-XMOD XM Module for Multi Tuner V2
(1) - Integra CDC-3.4 6-Disc Carousel
(2) - Intelix AVO-V1A2 Single composite video and stereo audio balun
(1) - Linksys SRW2024P Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch PoE with WebView
(1) - Linksys WRVS4400N Wireless-N Gigabit Router with VPN
(3) - Furman Elite-15i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner, 6-15 Amp Outlets
(1) - Client Supplied Custom Audio Cabinet
(1) -  Panasonic Pro TH85PF12U 85 Inch HD Plasma T
(1) - Panasonic Pro TYWK85P12 Wall Mount
(1) - Rotel RSX-1550 Home Theater receiver w/100 watts x5 channels
(1) Straight Wire MCA0040 4.0M MUSICABLE II Analog Interconnects Level I
(1) - Control4 C4-HC300-E-B Home Controller HC-300 w/remote
(1) - Samsung BD-P3600 Blu Ray DVD Player w/netflix
(2) - Bafo HDMI-HDMI-2M 2m HDMI Cable
(2) - Straight Wire CTOS20 2.0 M - CONX - HTS Tos-Link Optical Digital
(1) - Client Supplied HD Cable Box w/ DVR
(3) - B&W CT7.4-LCRS 2-Way Custom LCR with 2x6” kevlar Cone Driver and 1” Dome Tweeter
(2) - B&WVM 1PW 2 Way shield vented monitor (vert. or horz. mount) pearlescent white
(1) - B&W ASW610XPB Active closed box subwoofer with 10” Driver- 500W amplifier - black ash

The EDG designers worked with the carpenter on a plan that would reframe the space, re-route electrical wires and pull the wall forward several inches to accommodate the TV. To prevent the TV from over-reaching the wall by a foot, they created a 12-inch wall that would swallow the massive bracket for the display, along with the wires, and still make the TV appear flush to the wall. A crevice carved around the display helps bury the depth.

Beneath the TV, the carpenter built a low-rise cabinet for video source equipment including a Blu-ray player and cable boxes for the family room and kitchen, the wireless router, along with the audio/video receiver, iPod dock and Control4 gear that directs music and video to other rooms. All family members have their own iPods as a personal music vault. The router enables family members to watch Netflix movies through their Blu-ray player over the home’s wireless data network. 


The client wanted to control music and video for each room via on screen interface through the TV. Through the Control4 system, users can choose and play music or video sources via TV or remote control. They can select available sources by choosing audio or video on the home screen, then drilling down for the source they want to access. The interface is the same for every room, eliminating a technology learning curve for each space. Although the Control4 system only handles audio and video now, it could be expanded later on to manage lighting and climate control. 

EDG’s urban clients tend to prefer a sleek look with no technology visible. Here, only fabric grilles betray the frontchannel speakers positioned behind them in the cabinet, along with subwoofers. Rear speakers are mounted high on the wall and are angled down to the listening space.


In the master bedroom, a 40-inch TV is supported by a soundbar beneath. The multi-driver soundbar delivers simulated surround sound from the single enclosure, helping to beef up the clarity and dynamics of a video soundtrack. The soundbar also eliminates the need for two or more in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, while doubling as the audio system for the space. The clients control the video and audio from the display or from a Control4 mini touchscreen. Dynamic, concealed, and simple -- just what the clients ordered.

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