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A Theater That Booms

A family of four turned to EDG when they were looking to finish their basement with an entertainment area involving a high-performance theater with a powerful audio system and a large screen.


EDG took the family's 700-square foot space and jam-packed it with some serious A/V equipment. EDG installed the largest screen that could fit in the space: a 154-inch display from Elite Screens. Custom-made subwoofers and speakers from Klipsch were used to replicate the quality of the audio one would expect from only a commercial movie theater.  Why would anyone expect that? Because they really are the exact same speakers that are used in commercial theaters!

A Theater That Booms

Equipment List


1 - Control4 C4-HC800-BL Control Processor w/ 2 RS232, 6 IR and HDMI

1 - Control4 C4-1UREK-B 1U Rack Ear Kit for HC-800

1 - Control4 C4-16S2-E-B Audio Matrix Switch - 16 - V2

1 - Control4 C4-16AMP3-B Multi Channel Amplifier - V3

2 - Control4 C4-4URMK-B 4U Rack Mount Kit, Vented

1 - Dell PowerConnector 2816 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Web-Managed Switch

1 - Panamax M4315-PRO Pro Series 8 IP Programmable Power Management Outlets 15AMP

1 - Middle Atlantic ERK-SYS ERK Equipment Rack System



1 - Control4 C4-TUN2-E-B Multi-Tuner V2

1 - Control4 C4-XMOD XM Module for Multi-Tuner V2

1 - Sonos CONNECT Audio Player, no Amp - provides streaming audio for Sirius, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, connection to clients iTunes library

1 - Control4 C4-IPDKTT1-E-B Dock for iPod

1 - Integra SCS 3.4 CD Changer



1 - Control4 C4-MyHome-Site-E License for Multiple Devices

1 - Control4 C4-CHE-XXX Composer Home Edition

1 - Control4 C4-4Sight 1 Year Subscription Kit

1 - Extra Vegetables 2 Way Driver for Sonos Integration into Control4



1 - Samsung UN40ES6500FXZA - 40” Class LED 6500 Series Smart TV

1 - Sanus LT25-B1 - Tilting Mount for 60” TV

1 - HD Cable Box w/ DVR

1 - Rainbow Fish H3D-BK035F - 35’ Fiber Optic HDMI Cable



1 - Control4 C4-HC800-BL Control Processor w/ 2 RS232, 6 IR and HDMI

1 - Control4 C4-1UREK-B 1U Rack Ear Kit for HC-800

1 - Control4 C4-SR250-Z-B System Remote Control

1 - Integra DHC-80.3 THX Ultro2 Plus, Balanced Preamplifier/Processor

1 - Integra IRK-180.4 Rack Mount for DHC-80.3

6 - Crown XLS1000 214w x 2 or 700w x 1 @ 8 ohms Amplifier

2 - Crown XLS1500 300w x 2 or 1050w x 1 @ 8 ohms Amplifier

1 - Furman Elite-20 Pfi 20A 12 Outlet Ht Power Conditioner Power Factor

1 - Panamax M4315-PRO Pro Series 8 IP Programmable Power Management Outlets 15AMP

1 - Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11 Base Station w/ 3 port Gigabit Ethernet

1 - Dell PowerConnect 2808 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Web-Managed Switch

1 - Middle Atlantic ERK-SYS Equipment Rack System

1 - Oppo BDP-95 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-Ray Disk Player

1 -  Apple TV

1 - HD Cable Box w/ DVR

1 - Epson V11H266920 PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL

1 - Epson V12H004M0 Middle Throw Zoom Lense #1 for PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL/Z8050WNL

1 - Epson V12H003B25 Flush Ceiling Mount Bracket for PowerLite Pro Z8000WUNL and Z8050WNL

1 - Panamorph A480SYS UH480, ATH1, AK(X)PRO & RPA Anamorphic System

1 - Panamorph CK480-C 20.5’ - 24.0’ Conversion Kit

1 - Furman MIW In Wall Powerkit-Pro

1 - Elite Screens CURVE235-148A1080 Lunette Series - Cinema Scope Acoustically Transparent Woven Material Fixed Frame Curved Projection Screen - 148”(2.35.1) 136.5” Wide x 58” High

3 - Klipsch KPT-325 Cinema Speaker w/ 15” Woofer & Tractix Horn

2 - Klipsch KL-6504-THX 2-Way in-wall Architectural Speaker

2 - Klipsch KPT-418-SW Cinema Speaker Subwoofer w/ 18” Woofer

4 - Klipsch KS-7800-THX Two-Way In-Wall Surround THX Loudspeaker, Sealed Enclosure

4 - Klipsch IK-802-W Installation Kit

6 - Dynamat EN-WALL Kit - In-Wall Speaker Sound Isolation Kit (4 Sides & 2 Rears)

5 - Liberty Z20A2 2 Meter Audio Interconnect

1 - Liberty E-HDSM-M-1 1 Meter HDMI High Speed Cable

4 - Liberty E-HDSM-M-2 2 Meter HDMI High Speed Cable

1 - Liberty E-HDSEM-M-15 15 Meter HDMI high speed w/ ethernet cable

1000 - Wire 14/2 Speaker 14 Gauge 2 Conductor Speaker Wire (1000Mbps)

750 - Wire CAT 6 Category 5 - 4 Pair 24 Gauge Ethernet Wire (1000 Mbps)

300 - Wire RG6 Quad Shield Coaxial Cable - 18 Guage Solid Copper Center

50 - Wire RGBHV 6 Conductor Mini RG59 Cable



1 - Pakedge RB-KIT Preconfigured Router & 1U Rackmount

1 - Pakedge SW24-GB 24 Port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch

3 - Pakedge WAP-W3N Enterprise-class, Ultra High Throughput Rackmount/Wall Mount Wireless-N



1 - Pakedge WAP-03G Enterprise-class Outdoor Wireless Access Point

4 - Pakedge PI-04 Power Over Ethernet Injector 10/100/1000

1 - Panamax M4315-PRO Pro Series IP Programmable Power Management 15 AMP



3 - Control4 C4-KP6-Z-xx Wireless 6 button Keypad

18 - Control4 AC-3C-xx/AC-6C-xx Custom 3/6 Button Engraved Keycap

20 - Control4 C4-DIM1-Z-xx Wireless Dimmer, 1000W, 120VAC

3 - Control4 C4-SW1-Z-xx Wireless Switch, 120VAC

2 - Control4 - C4-WP2-xx Wall Plate - 2 Gang (color)

5 - Control4 C4-WP3-xx Wall Plate - 3 Gang (color)

1 - Control4 C4-WP4-xx Wall Plate - 4 Gang (color)

1 - Card Access WCS10-R-X-ZP ZigBee PRO Extender

A Control4 system was used to manage all of the electronics and lighting throughout the theater. The theater room can be turned on/off via a keypad at the entrance while audio/video is controlled via a remote. For better sound isolation, the theater was designed as a room-within-a-room; a vinyl barrier, acoustic wall lining, and a few decorative interior absorption panels help achieve this effect. The projector screen is a 154" acoustically transparent screen with an Epson projector outfitted with a Panamorph lens. To cover audio, there is a commercial grade 9.2 channel Klipsch loudspeaker system powered by Crown amplifiers. This level of performance is unheard of (pun intended) in a private residence and creates a “boom” powerful enough to make you, literally, feel the sound.


This particular client requested an open design in hopes of widening their limited space. Custom-built ottomans were added to help with room storage while zero-clearance chairs were used against the counter to provide extra leg space for family and friends. However, integrating commercial-style products in a confined residential space brought with it a few challenges. For example, to produce the bright images asked for by the homeowner, EDG decided the room would need a projector with a high light output and precise positioning. An Epson PowerLite Pro fitted with both a zoom lens and anamorphic lens possessed the lighting power needed but finding the prime location was going to be tricky.


Incorporating the projector was the biggest challenge EDG faced with this project. A sightline evaluation was performed to determine the best placement for the projector and screen. The projector was to be installed right above the entrance to the room alongside a structural beam. The Epson Z8000 is a large device therefore, supports had to be added for the projector's brackets. Epson provided BTU calculations as well as thermal imaging of the projector’s heat output to help EDG design the best placement for intake vents and exhaust due to the high temperatures at which the projector operates. In order to keep the room aesthetically pleasing, EDG tucked the projector into the ceiling. With the help of Epson’s engineers, a ventilation system consisting of electronically controlled fans and vents was installed. 


EDG worked alongside the architect to make sure the 4 ft tall speakers could be recessed within the wall behind the screen.  By working together, the architect designed the space with the 18-inch depth that EDG needed for the three front speakers and two subwoofers to properly fit. 


To keep things simple, EDG made the entire theater work via a Control4 automation system. Using a handheld remote, the owners can press just one button to boot up the projector, kick-start the audio equipment, and dim the lights. Then, all they have to do is choose the source: Oppo 3D Blu-Ray player, Apple TV, or cable box.


A powerful theater system made simple. Integration at its best.

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