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7 World Trade Center

While the new World Trade Center (WTC) complex aims to enrich the economic and cultural lives of the lower Manhattan community, it also demonstrates a new vision of sustainable design in practice. WTC 7, the first of 7 buildings scheduled for construction at the WTC site, was the first in the complex to be rebuilt after being damaged in the 9/11 tragedy. The 10th Floor of building 7, the Marketing Center for WTC serves a unique purpose: the space was designed to educate the public on the plans for construction and what the community has to look forward to, and to expo available space in the buildings yet to be completed. The centerpiece of this space is a scale architectural model showing the plans for all 7 buildings. The LED driven model is integrated into the lighting system, using Lutron DMX control with 35 zones to show potential tenants what areas of each building their staff  would reside in. Each building is split into “banks” containing several fl oors (usually 10-20.) These banks can be illuminated in the model one at a time to show precise  office locations, entrances, exits, nearby amenities, transportation routes, and cross streets nearest to their location.

Touring guests are greeted by five artistically arranged flat panel displays that can be controlled by the real estate broker’s iPad to show various informational videos about development plans for property.  The broker selects the “On” button on the Lutron keypad in the entrance to turn on the lights throughout the space. The displays call multi-room audio from in-ceiling speakers into service. Then, further down the hallway on their tour is an expo space where scale architectural models of buildings 2, 3 and 4 are located, along with information about each and their respective architects.


Technology Budget:

$ 1MM+

* Excludes; Architect, Interior Designer, Carpenter & Furnishings.

Equipment List

(1) Lutron GP48-1204ML-20 Dimming Panel

(3) Lutron GRX-4516-T-WH Gra k Eye 4000

(1) Lutron SG-4SN-WH-EGN 4 Scenen Dimmer

(1) Lutron SeeTouch Engraving Service Engraving

(3) Lutron GRX-DACPI-A-WH Gra k Eye Automatic Daylight Control

(4) Lutron MW-FPS-WH Fixture mountable Daylight Sensor

(2) Lutron LOS-CDT-2000-WH Dual Technology Ceiling Mount Sensor

(2) Lutron GRX-IO Gra k Eye Control Interface

(1) Lutron GRX-CI-PRG Gra k Eye Programming Control Interface

(3) Lutron GRX-4M-GC Motor Group Controller

(1) Lutron SG-3WDN-WH-E00 3-Bu on Dual Window Treatment Wall station

(1) Lutron SeeTouch Engraving Service Engraving

(2) Lutron PP-120H Power Pack

(2) Lutron GRX-4506 T WH Gra k Eye Wall Controller (1 Year) Lutron LSC-SILV CS IN 1 Support and Maintenance Plan

(1 Year) Lutron LSC-SILV-CS-IN-2 Support and Maintenance Plan

(1) Lutron Gra k Eye 3000/4000 Factory Startup

(1) Lutron HWI-LV-32-120 32”” Low Voltage Enclosure

(1) Lutron LUT-DMX DMX512 Controller Interface

(1) Lutron HWI-Q96 Sivoia QED Interface

(1) Lutron ST-NB-NONE Wireless SeTouch Keypad Other Equipment - 10th Floor Marketing Center, Qty,Manufacturer,Part#,Description

(1) Savant DCD-100B Desktop iPad dock

(1) Savant RSC-0025-00 Rosie System Controller

(1) Savant HST-3001 Savant Host Controller

(1) Cisco CTS-INTP-C60-K9 Codec 60 Kit

(1) Cisco CON-PEDN-CTSC60K9 Zcare Premier- 1 Year

(1) Cisco CTS-PHD-1080P-KIT Camera Spare Kit for Codec 60

(1) Middle Atlantic ERK-4425LRD Equipment Rack

(1) Middle Atlantic CBS-ERK-25 Skirted Wheel Base

(1) Middle Atlantic PD-1020C-NS 20 Amp Power Strip

(1) Furman F1000UPS 1000V A Rack Mount UPS

(1) Furman M4320-PRO Pro series programmable power management

(12) Furman PST-2+6 Stadard Surge Suppression

(1) Savant MSC-24SER A/V Controller

(1) Savant HST-3002 Redundant Server

(3) Savant VIM30D4 4 Port Digital Video Input Card

(1) Savant VIM-A1C1S2V-00 analog Video VGA

(1) Savant AIM-D4A8 Digital Audio Input Card

(3) Savant VOM-30D4 Digital Video Output Card 4 HDMI

(1) Savant AOM-016U-00 16 Channel Stereo Preamp Output

(13) Savant HCX-1010 HDMI over Cat6

(1) Savant RSC-0025-00 Rosie System Controller

(5) Savant ATV-1160-00 160GB Apple TV

(1) Savant DCD-100B Desktop iPad dock

(9) Savant SVR-3000 Savant User Interface Server

(4) Savant RCK-3000 1U Rack Shelf

(1) Savant WIA-IP16 16GB Savant iPad

(1) Savant ICC-200X In Wall iPad Dick Charger

(1) Savant DDS-100B Media Dock

(1) Savant ATV-1160-00 160GB Apple TV

(1) Savant RSC-0007 Rosie System IO Expansion Box

Beyond the Entranceway and corridor, visitors get a clear view of much of lower Manhattan, including construction of the new Freedom Tower, through a wall of windows that spans the length of the building. The illuminated models, along with some smaller models of lower Manhattan, are housed in this room as well. The walls of the room are lined with touch screen monitors offering a variety of information about past and present development at the World Trade Center site. An 85-Inch Panasonic Premier Plasma TV mounted flush in the wall creates the stage for full scale, guided presentations to larger touring groups.

The remainder of this space contains two boardrooms designed explicitly for leasing negotiations with new tenants of the complex. These rooms are both equipped with sophisticated teleconferencing systems, making meetings about this world famous piece of real estate into an experience that can be had anywhere in the world.

The client wanted a sleek space where the electronics were not in the spotlight unless called into service. To work toward this goal, all keypads were blended into the interior design using Trufig. Trufig products allow for flush mounting of keypads and switches that are custom painted to blend into any surface. The team working on these faced a particular challenge, since the walls of this space are a combination of faux finishing, and wallpapered photography of the future NYC skyline. After all had been completed, the only visible portions of the Lutron keypads were the butt ons themselves. 

The greatest focus of this space was on sustainability. The space is a LEED Platinum and Energy Star Gold Certified space. In fact, it was the very first commercial office building in New York to earn a LEED certification. To maintain the building’s Energy Star rating, our team employed vacancy sensors, dimmable fluorescent lights, and day lighting. 48 Dimmed lighting zones, 35 LED lighting zones and 3 shading zones containing 52 shades in total, all share one common feature: automatic adjustment to most efficiently utilize the light from both inside and outside sources. Lutron sensors tell the system when the shades should be lowered and raised, keeping the building in a unique state of symbiosis with the sun. When the exterior light is bright enough, the system will raise the shades to use the natural light from outside rather than artificial light from the installed fixtures, further lowering energy costs.

to select any fixture in the space, or bank section of the scale models, to control that particular light, bringing ease of use to a whole new level. When tours are done and it’s time to go home, the staff  selects the Away button to shut down the system and prevent any unnecessary energy usage. Automated control and sustainability come full circle in this shining example of what it really means to be green. 

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