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EDG Project Consulting

Do you need help with a project? Trust our experts to assist you.

The starting point for any home integration project begins with the Design Process. This involves consulting with an EDG home installation professional to provide you with a working budget and innovative solutions for your project – no matter how big or small.


Setting the Groundwork

The discovery phase is the first step in designing a home technology system that is suited to meet the needs of you and your family. Our home installation design professionals will give you input on what is feasible so that we can establish a clear understanding as to what options are available to you. From there, we can create a projected budget and plan based on our conclusions. Check our Home Planning Budget tool for estimate pricing points. There is a small upfront cost, but this is minimal when compared with the added expense of attempting a home installation project without this valuable step. A properly budgeted and designed system will save you time and money during the installation process by eliminating costly errors. EDG takes pride in listening to your needs and then will deliver a solution that achieves the goals of your project. To ensure there is a clear understanding between you and EDG, we will prepare a Design Contract that outlines the extent of our services as well as your responsibilities to the project. This document shall constitute the complete and total agreement between you and EDG. Our Design Contract is very well received by our clients because it eliminates any ambiguity and details the progress of a home theater room project from start to finish.


Design & Consulting

Process – 5D Engagement Goals This “Five D” methodology facilitates a true team approach to both final design and deployment by closely integrating input from end user, architect, and other trades during all phases of the project. By assembling the team (Owner, Architect, ESI) at the onset of the project, each team member has the opportunity to interface closely, communicate, and work together toward a common goal during the entire process. Consequently, it becomes a simple matter to explore all of the viable options and the associated cost ramifications, with immediate feedback from the perspectives of Owner, Architect and ESI. This results in value engineered solutions, with the needs, desires and budgets of each party continually incorporated. At the same time, all of the associated costs are precisely pinpointed and the scope of work refined. With this program there should be no cost surprises after the design is completed. When the design concept and accepted drawing package has been finalized, it has the implicit agreement from all team members that it is the optimal and most cost-effective design solution.

Process – 5D Steps

Discover – Project requirements, client desires and timelines

Define – Project scope, research, schematic design and initial budgets

Design – Design Development, refine design, scope and budgets

Develop – Engineering, Construction design documents and Spec book

Deploy – Construction ready deliverables, final scope of BOM

Bottom Line - We save you time, money and headaches – PERIOD! Work With Us - To work with an experienced electronics design company, please contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would love to schedule an appointment with you to go over your needs and goals. Whether you have a residential property or a commercial office, EDG can help make the changes you need.

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